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How to Blend On Procreate

Learning how to blend on Procreate is not hard, but it will take some time and patience on your part. The main reason why this can be so hard is because many people want to get straight into using Procreate right away without learning any of the great tricks that can help make their painting […]

How To animate On Procreate With One Frame

How to animate on Procreate is pretty straight forward if you are used to working with digital photos. Open the GIF file into the Procreate images application. Using the trackball in your trackpad to drag down your desired animated image onto the virtual canvas. You can dragging as many frames onto your timeline as you […]

Fonts For Procreate

If you want to know how fonts for Procreate are different from other tattoo fonts then this article is for you. In this brief guide, I’ll show you exactly how fonts for Procreate are created by using Adobe’s AutoCAD program. We’ll examine the two types of fonts that you can use with your Procreate design […]

What’s So Great About the ProCreate PDA?

Developed by Savage Interactive in collaboration with award-winning artist, Zane Bell, Procreate Pocket is a high-quality, fully-featured digital paint program that allows you to create professional-looking paintings right on your Pocket. You can work on projects in just minutes, and see them instantly on your computer screen. With intuitive controls, you can move the camera […]

A New Twist On An Old Classic!

Responsive touch screens make drawing and painting with the Procreate Pocket feel remarkably natural. Tap harder and your line gets longer, thanks to 3D Touch capability. Switch between multiple layers of colors in the paint palette with ease, using exactly the same visual palette as the software’s other applications. The only thing missing from the […]

Procreate – Which Procreate Brush Set Is Best For You?

It is a fact that every woman who has ever used a baby brush to pick her baby’s teeth has found it a satisfying and fulfilling experience. But not every woman can afford the best procreate brushes for her to use. We know how expensive they are, but this may not be an option for […]

Fonts For Procreate

fonts for Procreate may sound like a strange combination, since many people aren’t aware that there’s a way to get fonts for Procreate. They’re just words on a page, right? Well, not exactly. In fact, fonts for Procreate are what make a word processing document readable, organized and creative! Let’s look at a few fonts […]

How To Animation On Procreate

Learning how to animate on Procreate can help you create some very neat effects with your photographs. You can make all kinds of movies, really. Think about how easy it would be to create a 3D animation with the photos you have taken or downloaded. You can really add some life and emotion to an […]

How To Blend On Procreate: The Different Blending Modes

How to blend in with Procreate is one of the biggest challenges that new parents face when their little ones are born. If you were to imagine what it would be like to get up on the stage in front of a live audience and start talking about the newborn baby’s features, you probably wouldn’t […]


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