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Procreate – A High Quality Digital Art Program Designed Just For the Apple iPhone and iPad

Developed by Savage Interactive in collaboration with renowned illustrator Christian Dalsgaard, Procreate Pocket is a simple, charming and addictive game that lets you create your very own child-drawn picture. Create your very own picture, choose the time of year and any other elements you want to include – then save it as an image file. Use the slider on the left to view your creation in various resolutions. You can save it to your computer or load it up on your iPhone and share it online with family and friends. If you are not feeling up to creating your very own work of art, you can simply use the’ready-made’ pictures available in the gallery.

The procreate pocket is an exceptional drawing tool for both kids and adults. Designed by Savage Interactive, this app allows you to zoom right in to high-res pixel-perfect canvasses and make even the most intricate details pixel-perfect. There are eight different “lenses” available: Standard, Luma, Pure, Distortion, Noise, Highlights, and Highlights/Midtones. There’s even a popular, award-winning effect called ” Highlights Blurs”. There s also a popular, award-winning effect called ” Highlights Blurs”.

A must have for those who need something sophisticated to draw with, the procreate pocket is a fine example of how a smartphone can take the function out of tablets. Unlike the regular styluses, the pocket is a stylus. This means it can be used like a pen or a pencils, meaning you can write directly on the images you’ve drawn. It makes your creations much more realistic.

The only way you can get better with Procreate is to try it for yourself. The only other way you can get better with Procreate is to draw with it. When you download the free version of the program designed exclusively for kids, you get a pen, paper, and the software necessary to begin creating quality artwork. The best part about the program is that it works on both smartphones and tablets, so you can share your work with friends all over the world.

If you’re wondering why the procreate pocket isn’t included as an app with the majority of the ios devices, it’s simply because it hasn’t yet been approved as an application. Apple is still working on it, so for now it is included as an optional upgrade for those who already own iPhones. If you have an older model device, it may be necessary to purchase a separate procreate pocket for your specific device. However, if your device is an iPhone, you can use the pen/paper set that comes with your phone.

If you’ve spent any time at all looking for a innovative, easy, and highly functional drawing and painting tool for the Apple iPhone and iPad, you will definitely want to check out the Procreate drawing tablet. This innovative product provides a quick and simple method of sharing your work with friends, family, and even other people who visit your home. With this amazing program you can have high quality digital art programs on your phone and tablet. No longer will you have to carry around a complicated art program in order to enjoy the wonderful world of drawing.


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