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How To animate On Procreate With One Frame

How to animate on Procreate is pretty straight forward if you are used to working with digital photos. Open the GIF file into the Procreate images application. Using the trackball in your trackpad to drag down your desired animated image onto the virtual canvas. You can dragging as many frames onto your timeline as you desire, and each individual frame will also have a corresponding duration in its x and y values.

The next step is to select the layer you want to be the mainframe of your animation. Choose a blank layer. Using the arrow keys on your trackpad, move the cursor over the frame you would like to create the mainframe. When you are finished selecting a frame, it will start to flash and go off screen. Repeat this process for as many frames as needed to complete your how to animate on Procreate animation.

Before you begin your how to animate on Procreate animation, you must load all of your images and place them on a composition in the Finder. Each image should be named differently to avoid confusion. Open each image in the Photoshop where you wish your 3D animation to be placed. If the file is already loaded, choose the default format from the popup window. If you are placing your files in Photoshop, you will need to open that application to allow the software to recognize your images.

To continue with your how to animate on Procreate drawing app, make simple animations on the objects you have placed in the composition. You can use the arrow keys to zoom in and out, or use the mouse to pans the camera. After the frame is finished, save the image and name your frame.

The how to animate on Procreate drawing tool allows you to make many different expressions and detailed animations with ease. The animations are fluid and appear as if you were rendering them in 3D. They can be saved in many different formats such as JPEGs, GIFs and AIFFs.

If you want your animations to appear as one frame, then you might find it helpful to render the scene as a video in your favorite video editing program. By selecting the Effects tab, you will be able to see the timeline in action. This gives you the opportunity to add transitions and other special effects that can alter the appearance and flow of your animation.


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