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Why You Should Download Fonts For Procreate

Never worked with fonts on Procreate before? In case you have – here’s how to import fonts on Procreate, straight from the source code. Check out this easy video walkthrough below to see how. Import fonts for Procreate by selecting the icon on the main page, then clicking “Open”.

fonts for procreate

Grab your favourite fonts. They are usually all in one place on your computer, or they will be conveniently arranged by category in your Windows Explorer (usually at the Start Menu). One choice is to use your system’s built-in fonts. However, you can always change your font preferences even within the operating system. For example, if you have the Windows XP Home Edition installed, you could simply select “Change Font”, click “OK” and follow the on-screen instructions. Note that you may need to restart your computer for changes to take effect.

Open the Properties dialog box. If you’re using a normal typeface, you’ll see a list of available fonts beneath the “View” button. Select the desired fonts, one at a time, until you are satisfied with the result – an elegant hand-drawn aesthetic. Then, you can import these fonts as normal fonts, or combine several if you like. A combination of fonts is useful if you are planning to replace several fonts on your layout.

Importing a set of hand-drawn fonts will make your layout look professionally designed, as it is likely to appear as such whenever people (or Search Engines) search for your work. The fonts are scalable, editable, and even printable, which makes them great for creative uses such as headers or footers. And the greatest advantage? When you are done with the selection, you can simply save the cute fonts and use them over again.

With your fonts for Procreate zip file, you can create a stunning folder that can be used to display all of your work on the iPad. In addition, you can print this folder out on the iPad in a matter of minutes. To do this, connect your iPad to your printer, select “Print Tab” from the main menu, pick the folder you want to print, and enter your design information. It’s as easy as that! Once finished, you can print the selected font, tinker with its color options, and send it off to your friends as a high-quality printable PDF.

There are many more reasons to download fonts for Procreate. These include everything from a simple calendar to cute icons for your e-mails. By taking just a few minutes to download fonts for Procreate and give your iPad a little love, you can make an amazing new device that will be loved by everyone. You’ll also be able to print out some of the most adorable designs that were designed by professional designers for a fraction of the cost of purchasing the supplies!


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