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Why Is Hand-Drawn Fonts Important for My Crafty iPad App?

When it comes to designing fonts for procreate, there are so many options available to you. Just about all of them can be downloaded online. Some of these may have different formats depending on the software used for creating them. There are also styles that are appropriate for different settings and different types of text.

fonts for procreate

When creating text in Procreate, one could try to select fonts that look artistic and hand crafted. They could also be used in a more utilitarian manner. For instance, one could create a script typeface that is used when writing a document or a letter. This font is ideal for creating text that blends well with your art. This font also has a cute little ink stroke design which is sure to give a personalized feel to all your projects. If you use this on your next project, it will certainly be one that people will surely remember and admire.

For those who are artistic, there are several fonts for iPad that feature brushes that can be used for sketching. You can opt for ones which have soft and light colors as well as those that have a dark brush stroke design. Such designs would create a warm and inviting atmosphere and would certainly look great on the tablet. There are also some that have different brush heads, which means you could choose whether you want to use soft or hard bristle designs.

A few of these fonts for iPad that are perfect for this application include Brush Gothic by Adobe and Arial Plus by Macromedia. The Arial Plus font features bold geometric lines and is ideal for creating short and simple letters. One could use this type of font for any kind of text especially those that need to be created quickly and need to convey certain messages. If you are keen on using geometric lines to express ideas and concepts, then the Brush Gothic is definitely something worth checking out.

If you wish to create handmade crafts, then you should check out the best fonts for Procreate as they would help in expressing your creativity and talents to the utmost. This application can also be used to create unique and personalized stickers for your dear ones. You can also experiment with the different tools offered by the app, such as the letters and stroke palette. When it comes to creativity, not all artists are of the same caliber. Even if you are not the most creative artist, it is always advisable to try out different letters and stroke designs until you find the ones that work best for you.

No matter what kind of font you choose to download for your iPad, it should always be considered as an aesthetic creation. This is because, although it may be very convenient to use, it should not take away from the aesthetic value of the design. The right font can bring out the true beauty of the design and the right application could make your hand-drawn aesthetic dreams come alive. So, do not hesitate to download great fonts for Procreate for great artistic results!


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