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What You Get With the Procreate Iksarz Brushes and Palette

If you are looking to buy Procreate toys, you want to make sure that you are buying the best one! The Procreate line is so popular that there are multiple options for girls and guys. Each version of Procreate boasts different options, and each is made with special care. We have taken the time to put together a gallery of the best Procreate toys so that you can choose exactly what you are looking for.


The Procreate acrylic brushes in this collection are definitely top picks. They easily become the best procreate brushes for beginners to draw with, too. Some of these were hand crafted by us; others were collaborations with very talented artists and professional illustrators from around the world.

If you prefer to draw with soft, wide strokes, we have the Best Procreate Acrylic Art Brushes in this collection. They are made with a soft, flexible texture, so they won’t damage your delicate skin and hair. These media brushes feature a unique tip system. When you hold them in your hand, the bristles glide over your forefinger and then onto your thumb. This is a wonderful way to apply Procreate paint to any sort of media, from papers to pencils to crayons. They work great with Pilot and Stencil pens.

Another selection of the best procreate brushes involves the Best Procreate Illustration Palette. This collection includes many wonderful painting tools, including; an eyeliner brush, pencil, palette knife, and eraser. You can choose to have one brush for all mediums or have several to suit different applications. This will help you blend your artwork and create unique images. You can also use these media tools when working on the Best Procreate Iksarz canvas.

The last selection of the best procreate brushes involves the Best Procreate Filters. You can learn how to create beautiful watercolors, oils, and even pastels, all with the help of these brushes. To use these filters you simply need to place them on your pallet, and drag them around your artwork. Once you get used to using these filters you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

All of the Procreate set includes detailed instruction. Included in the box are sixteen shimmering texture brushes and one shimmer palette. The texture brushes have a very realistic shimmer and are packaged in a very attractive tin, similar to a fine clay pot. There are also sixteen glitter pens and a transparent piston. These products are sold together as a complete unit, so you get everything you need to create fabulous artwork. Everything you need to start making professional looking images is included in the box!


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