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What Is Digital Art?

Digital Art

What Is Digital Art?

There is a wide range of career opportunities available in the field of digital art. Students will learn technical and artistic skills, including creative visualization, color theory, web design, animation, and digital art production, to develop original digital art creations in the digital medium. There are also colleges and universities that offer a major in digital art history. In this degree program students can pursue advanced degrees in film studies, television, or electronic art production. The programs offered by the school are designed to prepare students for careers in advertising, web design, graphic design, and electronic book production and management.

Animation is one of the newest forms of digital art. This medium allows students to explore the psychological and aesthetic side of human imagination. In this form of art students are taught how to use stop motion photography, computer animation, and traditional drawing to express their creativity. Through the use of imagination and unique visual communication techniques, contemporary artists explore new forms of expression in this creative medium.

During the last few years, the field of digital art has steadily increased. The increase of internet usage worldwide has dramatically changed the way people view traditional art. The old belief that conventional art forms “props” meant for the eyes of the elite has been replaced with a new belief that these forms of art can be enjoyed by everyone. Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in visual communication with a focus on digital art would benefit from the courses listed below. These courses are not specifically related to any specific digital art form, but will help students become more knowledgeable about the various media and creative mediums available to today’s artist.

One of the oldest forms of digital art is motion graphics, which was first introduced in Japan and Korea in the 1970s. Since then it has gained popularity around the world as an expressive method of presenting images, short films, and still-life imagery. In the field of advertising graphics, digital animation presents a unique new way to tell a story through still images. Unlike traditional animation, there is no need for a cast or crew to record each scene as the viewer is “at home” in front of their computer, viewing the cartoon in real time.

Postmodernists view modern art as an attempt to resolve socio-political issues through the visual effects of the work. In other words, digital art is to the contemporary artist as conceptual art is to the modern designer. It attempts to answer pressing questions about contemporary society using unconventional methods. The work of illustrators like illustrator David Aberg and painter Billy Warren illustrate how changing societal structures and social norms have affected the creative mind. In this sense, digital art is to the contemporary artist as the real world is to the poet.

Perhaps one of the most interesting areas of digital art is character animation. Character animation has exploded with incredible success over the past few years, especially in the realm of computer-generated advertisements. Ads that advance the product or idea of a company are often produced utilizing character animation, as it allows the creator to depict a character as they would typically appear in the public eye.


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