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Visual Effects Degrees – New Media Artists Make Use Of New Media

The Digital Art and Design program prepares students for an exciting, engaging educational experience in the world of computer-based art and design. Offering an innovative foundation for a broad understanding of digital technology, this major emphasizes the aesthetics of electronic design and effective communication for a dynamic, hands-on experience. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Art and Design will learn the fundamentals of digital art as it is applied through cutting-edge artistic mediums such as film, video, and computer games. This program will also explore the intersections of art and technology. Students can expect to engage multiple disciplines and integrate various forms of communication. Those who earn a degree in this program will be prepared to enter several careers, including entertainment design, graphic design, web design, and museum and gallery management.

Digital Art

In the realm of computer art, students learn the traditional techniques of painting, drawing, and sculpture with the help of a powerful software program. Artists and designers can create and manipulate images using specialized software that mimics the techniques of traditional art. Students in this program will be prepared to apply digital art and computer graphics concepts in the workplace.

With the advent of new technologies, new digital art and design possibilities have opened up for both designers and artists. Now, anyone can create unique artwork and decorative displays by utilizing sophisticated software programs. This includes the use of 3D computer generated images projected onto photographic canvas, wood, metal, and ceramic materials.

Artists interested in creating visually appealing products and installations can earn a bachelor’s degree in this program. Students will be trained in the techniques of applying visual effects in digital art, film, and television. They will also hone their technical skills to create complex and digitally enhanced images. This includes the use of video, photography, and animation to create digital art. The visual effects school incorporates courses that include art education, design, graphic design, lighting, and multimedia production.

A Master’s degree in the field of visual arts offers a deeper understanding of the new media. Students will explore the connection between art and technology. By focusing on specific applications of digital technology, students will be prepared to present art projects based on scientific evidence and educational research. A Master’s program in the program will train students to use state-of-the-art equipment, creative tools, and modern software to create dynamic digital art.

This program enables artists to use the latest digital technology to enhance the visual medium. Students will utilize digital art using both digital media and traditional media. They may choose to pursue a career in computer graphics, animation, film, digital installation art, and landscape architecture. An emphasis is placed on using contemporary visual techniques to bring creative ideas to life.


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