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Using Fonts For Procreate to Create Your Page

fonts for procreate

Using Fonts For Procreate to Create Your Page

Never worked with fonts for Procreate before? If you’ve never worked on any type of computer application before, then you will quickly show by this free video walk through how to easily import fonts into Procreate, today on Envato Tuts+”. Check out this great free video walk through by clicking on the following link. It will show you the basics of working with fonts for Procreate.

In order to use fonts for Procreate, you will need to download fonts to your computer first. When you go to add fonts to your program, there are two ways to do this. The easiest is to open up the program and press “Control” + “F” at the same time. This will bring up a pop up window with several options, and you will have to choose which ones you want to use. Some programs allow you to select a folder of files to be imported.

The second method of getting fonts for Procreate is to right click on the fonts icon that is found in the program and choose “import.” A new window will appear where you can browse for the fonts you wish to add. Be sure to click on the “load fonts” tab before proceeding. You will need to replace all of your existing fonts with the newly added ones, or you will end up with some very random looking fonts.

After you have successfully loaded a few fonts into Procreate, you will have to go into the “Appearance” area of the program. Under the section that says” Hamburger Fonts”, click on the button that says “New.” A new dialog box will appear with a number of options. Just click on “OK.” When you have completed this task, you will see several new fonts that were just added to your layout.

These fonts will replace your current fonts, but it will not be easy to make them look exactly like you want them to look. This is one drawback of using a computer program that makes fonts for Procreate. There is no way for you to really edit the fonts before you use them on your layout. You will have to either re-name the fonts, or change the names until you find the look you want. Even then, changing the fonts is not always easy to do.

These two methods are the best ways of getting the fonts for Procreate that you need to create your page. If you cannot find the fonts that you need, then you can always try to use one of the free font packages that are available online. However, you may still have trouble finding the fonts that you need, especially fonts for beginners. The fonts that are available online are often not very good, so it may be necessary for you to download a paid font package to get the fonts you want to create professional-looking layouts.


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