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Types of Fonts for Procreate

When creating text in Photoshop, you ought to strive to choose professional fonts that really look creative and hand-created. It is actually the most effective way to create text blend well into your images. This font is just right for accomplishing this goal. Here are several fonts for Photoshop that you can use to accomplish this. They are all handwriting fonts; they take font character data and automatically replace it with whatever character you supply.

fonts for procreate

Brush Strokes Another good font to try pairing with Procreate is a set of brush strokes. A lot of people are unused to seeing this kind of stroke used for fonts. If you’re like most people though, you probably see this kind of stroke used in lettering, when trying to create a design. In order to create a simple design, you can simply draw the strokes on your own computer. But if you want to try pairing this font with Procreate images, you will need to find a source that provides you with an infinite number of stroke designs. This font allows you to do exactly that.

Edit Style These fonts are useful when you need to pair a font with your image. The fonts that come with the program you currently use will already have edit style settings, which you can use to pair a new font with your existing images. By default, the fonts come with these settings already installed. However, if you look inside the fonts folder, you can find a few additional fonts that might be helpful for you.

Hand-drawn or Realistic Fonts If you are going for a hand-drawn, organic feel, then a font that is made up of solid and free-flowing individual strokes might be best for you. One example of such a font is the Munsell Hand-drawn font, which is available in both Latin and Gothic versions. Another one that is perfect if you want a very natural appeal is the Atlas font, which offers both a modern and traditional aesthetic feel. These fonts are great for either making hand-drawn creations appear more realistic or for using them as an aesthetic background. The Atlas fonts have a full range of stroke options, so they are perfect for practically any sort of drawing you want to do.

Calligraphy Fonts If you want to add some calligraphy to your Procreate images, then the Calligraphy Font option within the Create Font window is something that you should check out. When in the Create Font window, select the Calligraphy font option. This will bring up a list of possible calligraphy fonts, and from there, you can pick the one that looks best suited to your image. However, note that you might not always be able to select the ideal Calligraphy font for your image; this is where a good software like Softiemaker Canvas can come in handy.

You should also bear in mind the fact that fonts for Procreate come in several different formats, which allows you to edit and adapt them according to your needs as a designer. These fonts can be installed into Photoshop, as well as into Corel Draw. With a lot of software available in both formats, the only way to lose is to convert your artwork into one of these formats, which will require that you open your graphics in Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw, and open each file in the appropriate program. After this conversion, your artwork will be ready to print.


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