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Types of Fonts For Procreate That You May Not Know About

fonts for procreate may sound like an odd combination, but it actually isn’t. In fact, one of the easiest ways to get your fonts for Procreate set up is to purchase them already set up. There are several places you can go to get fonts for Procreate that will not only be easy to install, but that will be right on your computer at all times. Why, if you need to change fonts often or want to update all of the fonts on your computer, there really is no easier solution.

fonts for procreate

Prefer a text walk through? Grab some fonty for Procreate and then import them into the built in document option. Want to Buy Fonts For Procreate? Check out this deal. You get an additional 10 fonts for just a few dollars.

The best fonts for Procreate are going to be easy to use, have a crisp, clean look, be gender neutral, be perfect for the cute or elegant. Aesthetically, your selection should be dictated by what kind of aesthetic you’re going for, if there’s any. If you want a hand-drawn aesthetic, then you should look towards the fonts for Procreate with a hand-drawn aesthetic.

An example of a hand-drawn aesthetic is the Freelance fonts for Procreate by Joana Martine. Joana is a creative designer who has created several beautiful hand-drawn font illustrations that would translate quite nicely (and look great) as fonts for Procreate. If you want a more abstract type of font, then you should try out Joonasa by Joonasa Timote.

When you import fonts for Procreate into your iPad, you will also need to import your own images. There aren’t any images in the iPad app store, so you will have to choose which images you want to import from your computer. You can either open the JPEG files that your graphics program created (the ones that it is built in), or you can open them with Paint. There shouldn’t be any problems importing the images. Just make sure to make a backup of your images before importing them so that you can restore them if there is a problem with the imported images.

Once you’ve selected the fonts for Procreate that you want, it is time to preview them in the iRibbit color-scroller to see which one looks the best. This is just an example; in actuality, this tool doesn’t do anything by itself. The iRibbit color-scroller will automatically choose the best suited font for your project based on the colors in your interface and the images you have imported. It will then prompt you to save the font file. One could say this is your project preview, but the final visual on the iPad is far more exciting.


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