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Types of Fonts For Procreate – 3 Tips for Choosing the Best Fonts For Your iPad

Never worked with fonts on Procreate before? If you have then you’ll show by this free online video walkthrough how to easily import fonts from your system to Procreate, right now on Envato Tuts+’. Check out this fantastic free video walkthrough now to see how. In this short tutorial we look at how to import fonts from a variety of locations and share them with your application. It’s quite simple really.

fonts for procreate

First off we have the usual Adobe fonts that everyone knows and loves. These include Arial, Helvetica, Verdana and maybe Palatino Linotype, but what if you want some other type of font? For example maybe you’re an artist who likes to do more than just spout lines of text on a page. Perhaps you want to create beautiful murals or even create 3D effects with your paper designs. In that case it is time to get some brushes and other graphics packages from the software store.

One of the fonts for Procreate which might not be so obvious at first glance is the MS Floral Font. This is actually a very nice typeface, which comes in both OTF and ARTF formats. Floral is perfect if one wants to create hand-drawn, nature-inspired art but could also be used professionally on letterheads, marketing documents and other printed works. One thing you might also want to keep in mind is that although the OTF format comes with a fat file, that fat file is generally not as sharp as one could get it in a font editing program, so it doesn’t look as crisp when digitized.

One of the fonts for Procreate that might seem a little bit strange but has actually worked for some users is the Adobe Insignia. You probably have seen these on the Apple iPad. The insignia fonts are very thin, which is in contrast to their download. What makes them great is that they work great for all kinds of design ideas such as logos, letterheads and the iPad’s dock. There is also a version available for the iPhone and iPod Touch which allow one to add their own artwork to the file’s app. This is probably one of the best tools you could possibly download for designing on the iPad.

Another type of font for Procreate that may not sound that great at first is the Munro Typeface. This is a very nice hand-drawn aesthetic which is ideal for those who want to create beautiful images with typography. For example, this is great for greeting cards and other small printing documents. Again, the only downside to this font is that it is not always the most accurate typeface to use for such projects.

The final two fonts for Procreate that we are going to discuss are those of Oingo Fonts and My Papago Fonts. Oingo is great for making a list of contacts or a to-do list on the iPad while My Papago Fonts is more of a decorative typeface. This font company creates beautiful lettering for business cards, invitations and so forth. Both of these great fonts come in a download for only $2.97 which is actually less than half the cost of the actual product. Therefore, if you are looking for some elegant fonts for the iPad, then consider either of these fonts to install on your iPad.


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