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Two Different Methods of Learning How to Animated on Procreate

It is very simple to learn how to animate on Procreate. You will need Adobe Photoshop, flash player, and a bit of patience. Open the GIF file in your Procreate graphics program. Using the mouse to drag the new animated image onto the pre-made canvas. If you want to add more than two images to your animation then you can easily add an extra add-on palette by pressing the little plus sign to the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

how to animate on procreate

After you have finished dragging and dropping your images onto their respective canvases, you will need to select them, and choose the create time-lapse option. The create timelapse option allows you to name your layers palette, select a color for each, and create a random texture for your character. The private layer can be used to add special effects like turning your subject purple instead of green. You can also use the private layer to add a fade in effect to your illustration. Once you are happy with your timelapse you can press the ok button.

To animate the character, click anywhere on your layout but do not create another frame. Instead, go to the Strokes palette and click on draw something. Use the arrow keys to create a straight line between the start of your first frame and the end of your last frame. Using the arrow keys to move between frames is also an easy way of animating your character.

One very popular way to animate on Procreate is to create a basic repeating pattern that repeats on each frame. To do this, go to your Layers palette and click on draw something. Then click on New, deselect your drawing and copy the shape. Use the arrow keys to create a series of different repeating patterns until you are happy with the finished animation.

How to animate on Procreate by using the private layer is a great way of making larger drawings easier to update because you can change what you have drawn without having to redraw everything from scratch. One way of doing this is to create one big image containing many small images that you need to change to fit your current artwork. For example, if you are working on a flower photo blanket for a child’s birthday party, you might want to make her birthday cake look like a bouquet of flowers. To do this, go to your layers palette and click on draw something.

Another good tip on how to animate on Procreate is to learn about using two different Photoshop files for each frame of your animation. To do this you will need to create a new layer and name it something appropriate. Now go to your draw tool and choose from the various shapes and sizes that you would like to use. Select two different images to put on your layer, and place them onto your palette. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard you can combine the two different images into a seamless collage that will give you the appearance of having realistic watercolors. Finally, select the stroke you want to use and select the default from your brushes.


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