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Top Art Brushes For Every Skill Needed

What is it that you use to make your artwork stand out from others? With so many different shapes, sizes and materials available, how do you find the brushes that will help you bring your designs to life? Today, many artists are starting to use stencils to help add depth and dimension to their artwork. Stencils can be used for everything from outlines to fill colors.


Stencils for Procreate can come as a complete set including: An assortment of thin oval and round white brushes, a couple of brushes that are tapered for precise detail, and a set of three brush heads specifically designed to be used with stencils. The Procreate Ultimate Brush Kit (300+ stencils for Procreate, Photoshop & Illustrator) include over forty paints that are specifically designed to work with Procreate paint apps. The Ultimate Brush Kit also comes with a palette with over one thousand colors to choose from.

Need something more intricate? The Procreate Pencil Sets is the perfect choice for beginning artists. The pen kit comes with over two hundred brushes ranging in size from very small to extra large! The Procreate Pencil Sets includes a set of solid black pencils, double rolled pencils, roller ball pens, gel pens and a liquid pencil.

Want to create that perfect brush stroke? Add a Procreate media pack to your brushes! The media pack feature different sets of media brushes such as metallic brushes, paper brushes, feathers, glitter and more. When adding a media pack to your brushes, you can change your brush size or create custom blends.

For an extra special effect, try using the Procreate HD Ultra-HD Long-range Scanner. The long range scanner allows you to scan anything up to fifteen pounds. Once the scan is complete, you can save it as a template for further use. The Procreate HD Ultra-HD Long-range Scanner package comes with two brushes and over two thousand textures.

For that quick and easy creation of professional-looking illustrations, consider using the Procreate Retro Brushes. The retro brushes feature high quality oil paint with soft bristles. The teeth are wide so your brush strokes will be precise. The Procreate Retro Brushes includes a palette with over one thousand colors and over one hundred textures. These brushes come with a carrying case for convenient and safe storage.

Whether you are an artist who creates works of art or just need a gift for a friend, consider the Procreate Shader Sampler. This is an exciting assortment of paint and drawing tools from the world leading brand in high-end art supplies. The sixty-eight assorted brushes have smooth and curved lines, and each size is designed for a specific purpose. Some of the examples include: Drunk sailor stippling brushes, pencils, razors, gouache, watercolors, acrylics, and others.

For your personal enjoyment, try the Procreate Sketchbook App. This application gives you a fun way to create and save your sketches and artwork. You can store your sketches on the Procreate Cloud, which is accessed through a secure login. This application also gives you the option to print your artwork in three sizes: small, medium, and large. These are the best brushes for creating custom artwork for yourself or for someone you know!


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