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Tips For How To Blend On Procreate

how to blend on procreate

Tips For How To Blend On Procreate

The how to learn how to blend on Procreate mat covers many blending techniques. The main technique in this area of drawing is the creation of shadows. This is often accomplished by starting with a light color (usually white), accenting it with a darker or contrasting color, and shading it out using the various Blender tools available. The result is an effect that gives the impression of a soft, subtle shadow, rather than the sharpened edges of regular shadowing.

The most popularly used blending technique with Procreate brushes involves dragging a chosen object onto a pre-determined area and then utilizing the Procreate brush to make a smooth, smudged-out line from it to the chosen area. In some instances, there are different selections available with the Procreate pencil, such as creating fills, erasing, and creating loops. The fill option takes a selection and makes it into a blank. The eraser option removes lines and produces a different effect than the normal pencil. The third selection allows you to add more fills to the piece, creating the smudged look we were discussing. Finally, using all three selections and allowing the brush to do the work, you can create complex patterns of the different effects we discussed.

Another option when learning how to blend on Procreate is to use the Alpha Lock function. With the Alpha Lock feature, you set up a simple clipping mask for the outline of your artwork. After you click the “Alpha Lock” button in the Blender control menu, the Alpha Lock mode will prevent the Brush from moving during the duration of the simulation. In order to undo the blending operation, simply deselect the selected area and click the “Free Transform” command to place it where you would like it.

As a rule of thumb, applying the Alpha Lock mode will help you blend with least movement. This will make the blending using the Smudge tools much easier, but it can also help you create interesting effects if used in conjunction with another technique. If you have previously worked with other software programs, you may find it useful to create an image with one of those paint engines and then modify the alpha settings in Blender. Alpha adjustments allow you to get a smoother, more polished look to your artwork. Once you’ve got the alpha lock on the blend option, simply move your mouse cursor over the artwork and watch the adjustment occur.

To get a more realistic look, a good tip is to create a selection that is a little larger than you want your artwork to be and then use the Alpha adjustments to get a better blended result. This is just what you need when working with how to blend on Procreate. To create the selection, simply type “Clipping Mask” into the command line box and then shift the mouse to the “Clipping Mask” option. The Alpha adjustment will make the selection you created invisible so you can see the outline of the art you are about to blend.

To get the best blend, use the Alpha adjustments and select “No Clipping.” Using the rectangular or oval selections on the smudge tool, start at the very center of your artwork and slowly work your way outwards. If necessary, change the Alpha values until you achieve the blending effect you are going for. After you’ve blended all of your artwork, save the file and then repeat this process for any paintings you are going to apply these blends to.


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