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Three Popular concentrations Within the Field of Digital Art and Design

Digital Art

Three Popular concentrations Within the Field of Digital Art and Design

The Digital Art and Design (DAAD) program provides a solid foundation for a comprehensive understanding of digital art and effective communication of that art. Offering a firm foundation for a wide perspective of digital art, this majors emphasizes the aesthetics of digital design as well as effective communication of that design through multi-disciplinary practices. Students in this program are prepared to work in a creative environment that fosters continual growth and development. In offering a strong theoretical base, this program strives to instill students with an appreciation for how technology and culture relate to one another. With a strong focus on visual culture, this program is a perfect choice for anyone who is interested in communicating a message in innovative ways.

This program enables you to create engaging pieces that engage your audience. Students in this program will study the theories surrounding digital art, film studies, graphic design, electronic media, visual culture, and interaction. With its interdisciplinary approach, this program can accommodate all forms of artistic expression while equipping you with the skills and knowledge required to start a career in the emerging field of digital art. This program is also a good choice for anyone interested in pursuing an education at the college level that offers new media artist degrees or concentrations. Classes in this program allow students to apply new technologies to expressive works.

In the world of visual culture, the relationship between new media and digital art is an ongoing debate. In this program, students explore the ways in which visual culture and technology interact to create new forms of cultural and technical expression. In addition to exploring the history of visual communication, students in this program also explore new mediums for expressive purposes. In this way, digital design majors benefit from an education that considers both the major and minor aspects of visual culture.

Graphic Designers often uses photographs to express themselves, but some graphic artists have a gift for coming up with photographic abstractions. Through special techniques and software, artists are able to create photographic images that appear more real than life, allowing their thoughts and concepts to become part of the art. This degree provides a strong background for anyone interested in visual effects, particularly in film, television, and video games.

Those with an interest in painting develop their skills by creating their own artwork. A digital art degree program allows the aspiring artist to work on their own, and experiment with various media and techniques. Students may choose to specialize in painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, and printmaking. The possibilities are endless for creative artists who pursue this degree, as it emphasizes the importance of using multiple forms of artistic expression in the pursuit of self-expression.

Although these programs offer many options, the best way to obtain training in the emerging field of multimedia arts and design is to participate in an internship. Internships allow students to develop professional relationships with industry professionals. They also provide valuable experience in the form of hands-on, studio time, as well as networking opportunities with talented artists from around the world. Interns can find out about industry news and develop industry contacts while gaining valuable experience. When choosing an internship, however, it’s important to carefully consider which institutions offer the best programs, including accreditation and placement information.


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