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The Procreate Pocket iphone

Basically, Procreate Pocket is an iPhone version of the popular procreate drawing program for iPad. Although iPhone clearly lacks support for the Apple Pencil, it still does provide a 3D touch feature that allows for in-depth painting with either your finger or a well-matched stylus. This is particularly useful if you are considering creating a sketch that incorporates a number of different shapes or a complex scene that requires precise manipulation of light and shadow.

One of the main attractions of using the Procreate program to create artwork is the complete flexibility that is present in the software’s drawing tools. You are allowed to make use of everything from the pen tool to the shaping tools in order to fine-tune and develop the final output. For instance, you can create a sophisticated scene with a combination of different textures and colors in order to enhance the visual appeal of your artwork. Even more impressively, there is also a function available in procreate pocket that allows you to apply 3D objects such as trees, rocks and portraits to your artwork.

Another significant feature that the Procreate application provides is the possibility of exchanging brushes. In case you wish to take your iPad painting to the next level and want to sharpen your image, then you could do so by adding new brush sets from the app. The fact that there are numerous brushes to choose from means that your imagination can run riot and you can be virtually trying out different versions of the same scene in order to find the one that really suits your artwork. The fact that there is a vast selection of colors also makes color matching much easier since you can change the shade of an object without having to redraw your entire composition.

A few other advanced features of the Procreate pocket 2 include the possibility of editing images as well as allowing you to preview them in three dimensions. This means that you can get a close up view of your creation without having to physically touch it. The fact that there are numerous effects to choose from as well is another important factor in the case. You can easily apply the glitter, shade or stencil to your painting. There is also the option of creating layers using a simple drag and drop interface.

The Procreate application on the iPhone is extremely easy to use and you can learn how to create stunning paintings very quickly. The large canvas that is displayed on the screen is very large and it can make it difficult for some people to appreciate a small image. The large size of the screen however is an advantage since it means that you can view your creations from any angle. Plus, the pressure-sensitive interface means that you can instantly recognize what tool you want to use. The Procreate app offers a number of tutorials in order to help you get the most out of the program.

The Procreate pocket is one of the latest products from the professional manufacturer of the iPhone. It is one of the best examples of contemporary design and it perfectly complements the larger model. The fact that it is completely pressure-sensitive means that every single touch will register properly. The quality of images that can be produced using this device is therefore very high. We found that the interface was not at all difficult to use and you should have no trouble using this application in the long run.


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