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The Procreate Pocket 2

procreate pocket

The Procreate Pocket 2

Procreate Pocket is the latest creation from Australian artist, Michael Cawkam. After creating a similar application called The Artist’s Route, Cawkam set out to develop a tool that anyone can use to paint realistic, hyper-detailed scenes from just about any camera angle. Using the Rapid Light Tool, which is included in the software, he was able to fine-tune the photographs he took so that they came out beautifully painted images that people would want to copy and use. Developed by Savage Interactive in collaboration with photographer, Sam Savage, Procreate pocket is a powerful photo editing program that allows photographers to recreate even the most exquisite images around.

With Procreate Pocket, you can easily change the brush size for precise detailing. If you want to apply a gold paint stroke to a gold-tone photograph, just adjust the size of the brushes until you are satisfied with the results. When you have created your original artwork, you can save it as a Procreate pocket painting and print it out in any color printer. This application does not need a computer, and you can take your finished work with you virtually. The printer will only be needed if you want to transfer your digital work into a physical format such as a poster or a calendar.

The next step up from the free version Procreate is Procreate Artist, which is currently the most comprehensive program. With this software, users have access to over 200 of the most creative brushes, special effects, and other artistic tools. Although it is more expensive than the free version, it also includes additional features such as: an array of “live” brushes, a gallery where you can display your work, and the ability to export your work directly from your computer to a PDF file. This version also allows you to access the drawing feature packed in Procreate Artist. This feature is very useful for adding shading and depth to your image or sketch.

Drawing apps on the iPhone are truly revolutionizing the way artists are able to create artwork. Even for those who like to work with traditional media such as pencils and paints, an iPhone is perfect for using art drawing apps. One of the best drawing apps currently available is the ones created by Painter. In addition to allowing users to manipulate brushes, this application allows them to also edit text. It even has a photo tool that allows you to crop and modify photos.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Painter is its ability to export your work into a PDF file, as well as converting it into a PSD file. It’s extremely easy to export your work from the application, making it convenient for sharing with others or with a specialist. You can also export your work into a JPEG, PDF, or Web format. This handy app makes printing out your creations easy and convenient. Since the export options are only two different types of files, you can easily switch back and forth between formats without any problems.

The Procreate pocket 2 is a revolutionary digital painting app with many useful features. Some of the advanced features you will find in this great iPhone application include: the ability to create, edit, and share your work, the ability to add textures and shaders, and export your work in multiple formats. If you haven’t checked out the latest version yet, you are in for a real treat. It’s definitely worth checking out.


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