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The Procreate iPhone App Review

Powerful enough for creative procreate lovers. Simple enough for anybody. The exclusive Procreate Pocket is the ultimate procreate app ever created for iPhone. With the innovative and easy to use controls, you can quickly and easily create your very own photo books of all the fun involved with procreate.

procreate pocket

The only thing this app has that the iPhone doesn’t have is a pressure-sensitive painting pad. This may seem like a minor thing, but it is so much more useful than it seems. If you need to erase something and didn’t want to tap the screen to do so, just to touch and hold on the eraser and you can now remove the item from your photo album. There is no other similar application that can do what this one can. So simple in fact that the iPhone’s lacking support would make other devices seem complicated. If the majority of applications out there can’t do the same things, then why even have an iPhone?

I’ve spent a significant amount of time testing the drawing app Procreate Pocket because I love Apple devices and their user friendliness. I was excited to see if it lived up to my rave reviews. I have used many drawing apps before and while I still love my iPhone, I realized that this one had some really cool features. While using the Procreate, I never found it difficult to draw new items or edit my older ones. If you are an avid procreate artist like me, you will enjoy how simple this app is to use and operate.

My favorite feature of Procreate Pocket was the time-lapse export feature. It allows me to take a new picture and have it compiled into artwork that I can share with family and friends at any time, right from the comfort of my iPhone! I don’t know if there are other apps that offer this feature but it was very helpful for me. The only issue I have is that there isn’t any support for some of the more advanced drawing features, such as gradient fill patterns and 3D objects. If you really enjoy these types of graphics, it would be worth checking out some of the other programs out on the App Store.

One of the biggest draws to the iPhone is its wide array of drawing tools. Apple knows that people love painting and drawing and they’ve taken advantage of this by adding lots of great tools to the iPhone. I especially like Procreate’s ability to let me change brush sets easily and add borders and effects to my sketches. If you’re like me and use the computer for your work, you’ll love how customizable the interface of Procreate is. You can also add text boxes to let you record ideas or just simply record what you’re doing and how you want it to look.

Despite lacking some of the more advanced drawing features offered on competing devices, Procreate is still a solid and well made program. It does everything that an average pocket size tablet should and most of the problems I’ve seen with other drawing programs are really just minor annoyances. A big downside to the Procreate is that it is only available on the iPhone, which is a major bummer for many. If you like to use your iPhone for other things other than drawing, you will probably be much happier buying this iPad app instead. Even if you absolutely must use the Procreate on the iPhone, I highly recommend giving Procreate a try.


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