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The Newest Baby Photographer’s Utility App – Procreate Pocket 4

procreate pocket

The Newest Baby Photographer’s Utility App – Procreate Pocket 4

While Procreate was available only for iPhones and iPads for several years, the touch screen feature set of this small Screened device never quite matched that of its larger, higher-priced counterpart. Now, with the iPhone and iPad set to enter a new era of touch-scrolling mobile dominance, it’s time to take another look at the future of procreate. Procreate Pocket brings the product line up to date with its free 2.5D animated option. Here are some of my immediate thoughts about the improvements.

First, what is a touch screen to me? Touch screens provide a medium to interact with computer applications on the go. Think of a cell phone like the HTC Evo, which has a dialer and a browser. The user can access the internet, make calls, and browse the web while the phone is taking calls and surfing the web. It’s much the same concept I’ve seen demonstrated before in action on the iPhones, but now the application interface is optimized to fit on a smaller screen and provide a better user experience.

In this new incarnation of procreate pocket, you can even use the built-in clock, as long as your iPhone is running the latest version, which of course, is currently iOS 5. The latest version of iOS also supports a wide array of motion-based and 3D touch-scrolling apps, many of which were not available on the larger sized iPhone. Apple has made several games that are highly-responsive and visually stimulating, and while the iPhone isn’t the primary display, it does provide a nice way to play games and watch movies. Procreate, like most of my other apps, is designed to run on the iPhone’s multitasking capabilities, and utilizes the dock connector and iPhone’s infrared proximity sensor for a fast, smooth, and fluid gaming experience. My favorite gaming app, Story Craft, uses an iPhone as both a controller and screen and allows you to quickly change your character and gameplay within the game!

For those that are still using their iPhone to take photos and shoot with their cell phone camera, there are a number of new features in version 4. Procreate, along with many other apps, includes the ability to import and export high-resolution photos into the app. You can easily create a time-lapse video by simply connecting your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable. There are also a number of new features for editing your pictures, including a new brush set, which lets you easily create different effects and transitions.

One of the coolest applications I saw when I was doing some extensive Internet surfing on the App store was a game called Savage launched Pocket. It really takes what you already know about iPhone gaming and combines it with some interesting interface elements. For example, you have to tap on the screen or swipe your finger over the screen in order to make your animal friends perform certain actions. However, you can also build a relationship with these animals through the use of friendship levels. If you continue to build up your friendship level, you’ll also be able to unlock more difficult tasks, like building a trellis to attach your animal friends to.

The last thing I’d like to talk about is the new multi-tasking functionality in version 4 of Procreate. When you’re playing Savage at the same time you’re browsing the web, viewing a photo, watching a video, playing an audio track, or listening to a song, you can do all of these things simultaneously, which makes Procreate really easy to multi-task. Some other multi-tasking functions in the app include the ability to view your own pictures in 3D, edit and rotate your own picture in either landscape or portrait mode, launch a specific application, and access a variety of other features. Overall, it’s safe to say that the new iPad’s Procreate pocket is a step up from its predecessors, making it one of the best apps for baby photographers to use on the go.


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