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The Easiest Way to Create High Quality PDFs

procreate pocket

The Easiest Way to Create High Quality PDFs

Procreate Pocket is a creation of the award winning company, Savage Interactive. Developed in the deep recesses of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, Procreate Pocket is a hand-held 2.5″ die-cut 3D digital paint and drawing application that allows users to instantly create highly detailed paintings from a variety of media. You can create your artwork on anything from foam, metal and paper to fabric and even recycled bottles. You can let your imagination run free and create work of art that is a cut above your competition. For a more complete picture, check out the Procreate Gallery.

With the revolutionary new technology from Savage Interactive, you can now create extremely precise and fine detail paintings and illustrations that will astound your friends and family. The revolutionary new feature of Procreate Pocket allows you to use a colordrop application to paint on your artwork. Artists everywhere are now using colordrop applications to give their paintings a life like quality and texture that you just can’t get with a brush or a pencil. Artists are able to control the depth and shading of their artwork by using a program called Colordrop.

The procreate pocket canvas lets you edit and save your artwork in a variety of styles including: watercolors, oils, acrylics, and paper. With a quick and easy to use interface, you can change the style of your artwork in just a few simple steps. There is no need to download additional software to your computer or download multiple images, which saves time and makes it simple to make minor modifications to your paintings later. After you save your artwork, you can export time-lapse images straight to your computer for printing, digital-printing and cutting if you want to reproduce your artwork as part of a larger work. The canvas export feature is perfect for short art pieces and small paintings.

If you like to use your iPhone’s built-in camera, the procreate pocket is perfect for you. Simply slide the iPhone’s screen into the slot, and immediately start taking digital pictures with your camera. You can also “quality” or edit your pictures before sending them to your friends and family by tapping the iphone’s “Saved to iPhone.” If you have any photo editing software installed on your computer, this is the perfect way to edit your pictures before sending them to your loved ones. The built-in zoom feature offers precision editing, and the iPhone’s 3D touch display makes it easy to preview your changes.

Plus, the procreate pocket has all the features you would expect in an iPhone, but it adds a feature that many users have never seen before: pressure sensitivity. With a press of a button, the Procreate can identify specific body parts and adjust the pinch point automatically. This ensures that you do not accidentally hurt yourself. The touch sensitivity can be disabled in the settings. If you plan on doing lots of manual touch screen activity, this is probably not something you will ever need to utilize, but it is an extremely useful feature that could come in handy for those who love to feel in control.

Overall, the procreate pocket is a convenient addition to an already outstanding phone. You can easily take pictures, display photos on the screen, edit them before sending them, and even preview them for a few seconds before pressing the send button. The only thing left to do would be to decide which version of your favorite photo you’d like to print out onto paper. The printing process is quick and easy, and your wallet will thank you. For anyone who wants to experience a hands-free photo printing experience, the iPhone 6s Plus with the colordrop is definitely the way to go.


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