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The Best In Drawing And Inking Brushes

Procreate has become the best way to create a baby scrapbook with a beautiful and unique design. New content is added almost weekly, usually 55 new Procreate patterns and brushes each month! And constant updates of free layouts, textures, clipart, images, icons, calendars and clipart sets. What could be easier than that? It’s really simple.


The first pack comes with a full-size black and white photo of my grandpa. Next there is a page dedicated to my family. All the great stuff you see in the online gallery has been adapted for use with the Procreate line! This includes a nice selection of smiling faces and a birth announcement. The background info included is a vintage (I love it), and the size of the image is quite large.

Next up is a set of “raw” brushes from the App store, which can be used for any project in the program. These brushes are perfect for individual creations, or as downloads for other Procreate users to enjoy. I especially like the black and white version because it looks just as sharp as the original, but with a much softer edge. The super soft & fuzzy Bohemian pink brushes are perfect for borders, embellishments, or any design elements. And finally, the most unique and fun of all Procreate tools are the sounds and music selections that come in the pack!

Each of the Procreate brush sets has over 20 high-quality brushes from which to choose. To me, it’s a no brainer – these brushes are meant to be used with Procreate and nothing else. Some of the more unique textures include: Rustic Wood, Autumn Leaves, Dusty Wispy Clouds, Dusty Mountain Muffin, Wavy Porcelain Stream, Moroccan Carousel, Cactus Pottery Beach, Mocha Sunset, and Golden Mocha Tumbleweeds. There are also Procreate patterns such as Autumn Leaves and Dusty Mountain Muffin, that are not part of the brushes, but will look great with Procreate and it’s matching pattern set.

But what if you want to make a whole bunch of Procreate patterns? That’s ok – there are Procreate patterns that are made specifically for Procreate brush packs! These brushes include: Autumn Leaves, Cactus Pottery Beach, Dusty Mountain Muffin, Dusty Wispy Clouds, Moroccan Carousel, Mocha Sunset, and Golden Mocha Tumbleweeds. Not all of these brushes are made for the standard Procreate, but many are, so if you plan on making a lot of Procreate patterns, these hair tools will really come in handy!

My absolute favorite feature of Procreate is the fact that it comes with an incredible amount of accessories! Not only do the brushes come with an incredible amount of options, but they also come with a very helpful instructional booklet. In this booklet, you will find all sorts of awesome information on how to apply your hair with ease and create amazing looking creations! There is even an awesome video showing you exactly how to apply your hair! It is truly an unbeatable product for those who want to create super-chic creations!


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