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Which brand of nail varnish is best for you? It all depends on what you are trying to achieve. Here’s a look at the top 10 best Procreate brushes, which cover most of the spectrum.


If you are a new user of Procreate, you will be pleased to know that the best procreate brushes come in two versions. The Master Build-up and the Hire Beginner Set. The build-up contains a number of individual brush packs that can be used in conjunction with one another to create professional results, while the beginner set is intended for use with the starter kit to create a variety of effects. Both sets contain acrylic paints that are applied with the included brush, and they also contain a variety of synthetic and natural hues and colors that allow for great color versatility and customization.

When it comes to media brushes, Procreate has several options. There are two types of media brushes: synthetic and real. The synthetic brushes are made of plastic composites that are colored and shaped like natural human hair. These are the most expensive of the various brushes found on the procreate product line, but they do have a tendency to last longer than acrylic paints. They may be stiffer, but they provide a wonderful medium to paint on with. In addition, synthetic brushes tend to dry out faster than the acrylic ones, but they can be shaped into any shape desired.

The final group of brushes found on the procreate retro brushes include a few ink brushes, an assortment of brush heads including octagon, Merino, oval, and round. All ink brushes have been specifically designed for use with Procreate products, and they feature synthetic or real hair bristles that mimic various styles of human hair. Each type of brush comes in a variety of colors, including black, brown, and silver. Some are double-ended, so they can be used as either a brush head or as a liquid paint bottle. Ink heads may be included for use with other brands of paint mixing kits, but the ink within the heads is compatible with all Procreate products.

For anyone interested in drawing, the Procreate app can be used to its fullest extent. The pen tool is designed for sketching, but the software also includes a detailed drawing mode that can replicate an intricate pencil sketch. This allows for creating the most complex of images and illustrations. The best procreate brushes have realistic flowing hairs, and they allow for detailed painting, including shading, gradients, and highlights. The best procreate pencils can be used on both computers and pencils, and they also include a wide range of drawing options.

The Procreate chalk dust brush kit offers the greatest amount of versatility when it comes to creating artwork. Chalk dust is used to create different textures and effects, including those that mimic various types of stone and tile. These chalk dust brushes are sold separately, and the best way to find them is to purchase the package that contains both the brush and the chalk dust. Once you’ve purchased this package, you’ll be able to start creating your own chalkboard graphics in an instant. You can even save these images on your computer so you can use them again.


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