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Procreate – What You Need To Know About This Painting Software

With the Procreate line of products, you can create the life you want. From start to finish, each product in the series allows you to design and create the life that you want. You can make your scrapbook in seconds, paint your own designs, and edit your photos and illustrations quickly and easily. Best of all, each Procreate kit comes with everything you need. No need to buy more brushes, no need to wait for a picture to load on the computer, and you can get started right away.


The best Procreate brushes are created by professional watercolour artists. The best Procreate kits come with a whole set of brushes that help you create your artwork. The collection includes different sizes, handles, ferrule widths, and tips to help you create your favourite artwork. The largest of the collection is a set of over 300 brushes that are specifically created to be used on the Procreate software. These brushes have been polished to give you the maximum amount of projection and definition, so that even the lowest resolution pictures are beautifully brought to life.

The best Procreate brushes include the following selections from the palette of the Procreate retro brushes including the Jazzbell Artist’s Collection, which includes a large assortment of oval and round brushes; the Artistic Artists Set, which has brushes ranging from soft animal skin to detailed landscapes; and the Vintage Artist’s Set, which has brushes of bronze, brass, steel, and gold. This set is filled with brushes that are suitable for oil and acrylic drawing and painting. Some brushes in this series have been specially sculptured to replicate the look of old-time tobacco advertisements, and others imitate the texture of old-time newspaper cuttings. This entire collection provides you with an endless palette of brushes to create any kind of design or illustration.

The Procreate line also includes a variety of brushes including the Artistic Artist’s Selection, which includes a variety of medium-tones; the Artistic Blending Sets, which includes various blend styles; and the Halftones Set, which is composed of colors including dark blues, light browns, tans, and earthy greens. The Artistic Blending Sets includes a variety of brush sets including round-shaped, curvy-shaped, and irregularly shaped brushes. The Artistic Blending Sets has also been enhanced with two extra sizes of gouache shaders, one featuring a warm, soft amber color, and the other is a cool medium green hue.

The best Procreate brushes can be purchased directly from the Procreate website. In addition to brushes, you can also purchase various accessories and embellishments that make creating beautiful inking crafts easy. For example, you can get Procreate holders, which have been specifically designed to hold the Procreate pen. Procreate case covers are available in a number of colors including blue, gold, and red, and they are slip-on and ink-secured. You can also find jewelry, which can either be worn with the Procreate or incorporated into the design, including charm bracelets and hairpins.

Accessories, such as the ink-blocking kits, make it possible for you to add depth and dimension to your inking crafts, especially if you want to create fine detail. You can also find brushes that are not part of the standard brush set found in a standard Procreate package. These brushes are called media brushes, and they are ideal for using on different kinds of surfaces and materials. Media brushes include an assortment of oval and round shapes, as well as synthetic fibers. Another accessory, the paint spool, allows you to keep track of how much paint is left in the container so you do not overfill or empty it during your session. Last but not least, a Procreate inking kit also makes it easier to master painting techniques with unique textures, shades, and effects.


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