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Procreate Vs Procreate – A Comparison of These Apps

Procreate Pocket for iPhone is iPhone App of the Month because: it lets artists of all artistic levels to paint, sketch, and paint without compromise. It is not too often to see an application with the powerful depth and functionality of such an application. This powerful, best-in-class digital art app unlocks the full potential of iPhone as an instrument for artists and hobbyists alike, merging a portable painting surface with professional features only found on the professional products. The ability to use just your fingers to manipulate and modify brushes and images opens up a world of possibilities. This innovative program gives you the ability to create realistic, painterly, and beautiful paintings and sculptures.

You can start your journey into the world of professional art by downloading this app. There is no learning curve involved. With the Procreate pocket computer, you have access to everything you need to get started, right from the simplest drawing surface to advanced features like erasing, adding, or editing complex strokes and colors. This innovative program allows you to work in just about any situation with your personal computer. You can doodle in cafes, hotels, and on location… the sky is the limit.

Artists who have struggled with traditional drawing apps may be pleasantly surprised at what this amazing new version has to offer. In addition to the large palette of brushes and colors, Procreate offers touch sensitivity so that you can brush with just the tip of your finger. This allows you to create delicate strokes that are impossible to achieve with other drawing apps. Procreate is compatible with most iPhone applications. It uses the native code of your phone, making it safe to transfer images from your phone to the computer.

One of the most advanced features in this brand new pocket painting app is the Live Wire Brush which automatically moves as you make the stroke. You can tap an object to change the color or size of the brush, or if you are working with multiple objects simultaneously, you can group them and take their shape while holding the mouse button. The result is a brush stroke that is perfectly in line with where you would like it to go. You can erase unwanted areas by tapping an eraser or a different color.

Another amazing feature of the Procreate Vs Procreate pocket drawing app is the new “Liquify Dynamics” function. If you use the built-in Liquify Dynamics feature on your iPhone, you can import graphics or photos from almost anywhere on the screen. Tap an image of a bouquet of flowers for a whimsical adornment for your office, or tap a portrait of your son or daughter for a fun way to remember an event. Once you import a photo or graphic from somewhere else on your phone, it will be preserved on your device for next use.

The biggest feature so far is the 4K resolution capability for the Procreate. This is an improvement over the previous generation’s apps which used the same display as the iPhone. If you’re looking for high quality and good looks at the level of quality offered by the Procreate, then the newest app is certainly worth checking out. For those of you interested in professional illustrations and wallpapers, then this app is definitely something to check out. The free version is also available on the App Store.


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