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Procreate – The Perfect App for Artists

Developed by award-winning artist Savage Interactive in collaboration with legendary artist Mark Langan, Procreate is a high-quality, multi-faceted program that lets you create, edit, and share your paintings with others. This is one of the best programs for kids – it’s one of the best on the market for kids. Developed by top artists in the world, Procreate allows you to zoom in on high-resolution, photo-realistic canvasses and make even the tiniest details pixel-perfect; it offers over 125 preset brushes in various painting styles, from watercolor and acrylic to calligraphy and wood. It also offers an incredible number of textures, such as metallic, marble, rubber, paper, fabric, and much more. If you have ever wanted to paint like a pro, then Procreate is your answer.

procreate pocket

To use Procreate for the first time, all you need to do is download and install the program on your iPhone – that’s it! With the Procreate Drawing App, you can easily turn your iPhone into a creative painting tool. You can bring your favorite photos and paintings right into your pocket or bag. This innovative, easy-to-use iPhone app takes seconds to learn and only has four simple steps to master.

After downloading and installing Procreate on your iPhone, let the soothing, beautiful world around you flow and respond to your artistic ideas. By using your finger to drag and drop brushes, change colors and backgrounds, and adjust your sketch’s size, Procreate delivers a fully customized, interactive experience. You can even set up your own time-lapse by using the built-in alarm that sounds each and every time you draw new stroke! This is a fantastic way to remind yourself to slow down while you’re painting, or if you’ve got some extra time to set a relaxing, slow canvas roll to remind yourself that you’re actually working with a piece of art, not just a cell phone.

As soon as you’ve finished your masterpiece, you can print it out and frame it in any of Procreate’s numerous frames or keep your canvas safe and organized in one of the many pockets available on the iPhone’s case. The Procreate app allows you to choose from hundreds of different art pieces, including classic and modern drawings, watercolors, and even hand-painted images. And because you can edit your artwork within the Procreate app, you can create the perfect masterpiece for the perfect occasion – or just send it out as a gift, knowing that it will be enjoyed for years to come.

While you may know all the steps and work involved in designing your own original artwork, you might not have a good idea about how to display it. Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy way to add a unique aspect to any image or photo you take with your iPhone, which Procreate has included in their pocket program: the time-lapse replay feature. Using the built-in TimeLapse Recording feature in Procreate, you can create a time-lapse clip using any type of camera. Then, import those clips into your photo or art app, and let your creative journey begin. You can save the images and use them in your own artwork, or even as part of a larger image in your phone.

For professional artists looking to expand their canvas, the Procreate pocket is the perfect solution. You can quickly capture an image in a matter of seconds, edit it within the Procreate app, and then export it as a high-quality JPEG file for printing, sharing, or even displaying on your phone. Now, you can turn any photo or art piece into something unique and memorable with your own unique touch. Bring your artistic talents to the table with your own custom iPhone applications. Get started today.


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