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Procreate Software – The Deluxe Painting App


Procreate Software – The Deluxe Painting App

What is Procreate? For people who do not know, Procreate is a highly innovative IOS-compatible drawing program that has truly revolutionized online drawing. It makes your iPad a powerhouse of a drawing tool, enabling you to doodle on the go, while saving your sketches in high quality, edit them later, and even save them in different formats (JPEG, PNG, etc.). It even enables you to connect to a computer as another user, with another Procreate account.

While this may seem like a new innovation by Apple, the truth is that it is really the next logical step in the company’s long journey to make its products more user-friendly. At the time of this writing, there are many professional, licensed artists who are using the Procreate drawing app to provide life to their work. So what is so special about this drawing app?

The biggest thing that makes Procreate stand out is the fact that it comes with a range of high-quality drawing tools including a standard pen, smooth transition lines, and Procreate brushes, each with their own unique functions and characteristics. The pen, for example, has built-in eraser functionality, which allows you to erase unwanted parts of a drawing without having to re-draw. The smooth transition lines allow you to smoothly blend various shapes and patterns into a single sketch, and have multiple layers available at a click of a button. And finally, all Procreate brushes have their own unique set of textures, giving you lots of possibilities for enhancing your artwork.

But let’s talk about how Procreate actually works. Like most drawing apps, it starts out by loading up on your device – just like the drawing programs you’ve grown accustomed to. Then you’re prompted to choose a drawing program from a list of options, and then you’ll be prompted to select from a huge list of ready-made projects. From there you can start designing your project, adding details as you see fit. In addition to the exciting options displayed on the drawing screen, you’ll also find that Procreate includes a number of useful tools to help you make your creation look as professional as possible.

This includes a number of built-in tutorials and tricks, such as how you can quickly and easily combine the colors you’ve drawn using the blend tool, how you can create layers using the curve fills tool and the way you can apply a selection area using the selection tool. But perhaps best of all, Procreate provides you with an incredible array of quick and easy tips and tricks for enhancing the way you draw and paint. One such feature helps you get the best results from your shadings and texture settings. Another will show you how to create the right type of background for your artwork, as well as how to make the best use of texturing tools.

Drawing apps can often be quite fun to use, but only if you know what you are doing. Unfortunately, not many people do. That’s why a great drawing app like Procreate could be so helpful. With built-in brushes and a smooth interface, it’s no wonder that Procreate has become one of the leading drawing programs. With amazing watercolor painting software, you can learn how to create professional artwork just like the pros at Adobe.


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