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Procreate Review – An Honest App Review

Procreate Pocket is fully free, ad supported desktop drawing software with a synchronized, cloud-based, drag and drop library. Developed by Savage Interactive out of the wilds of Tasmania, Procreate Pocket allows you to zoom in on highly detailed images and make the best of your artistic potential even pixel-perfect. Unlike many similar programs, Procreate has an intuitive interface that will allow you to quickly become comfortable with its features. After using the program for a few minutes you will start to see some really cool drawing power. A quick tutorial guides you through the various features offered by this powerful program and gives you a sense of just how powerful it can be. The tutorials also reveal a number of fun tricks that will help you to advance your artwork.

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The way that you edit your artworks in Procreate Pocket is very similar to what you would find in an online gallery program like Adobe Photoshop. You simply click on the tools and options that appear and move them around to create new pictures. There are basic tools like line, fill, solid fills, curve fills and eraser. You can also make use of a variety of filters and color schemes with the palette feature in this amazing program. With a variety of features and options, Procreate Draw is a great choice for beginners, whether you are looking for something a bit more advanced or a simple and easy to use program for creating pencil sketches and basic freehand drawings.

In addition to all the great functionality this amazing program offers, Procreate Pocket offers some additional features as well that will be very useful for artists. One of these features is the time-lapse export feature. With this option, you can export your works in either JPEG or PNG formats so that you can share them with others or save them to a disk or other storage device. The best part about this particular Procreate feature is that it works in conjunction with the iPhone’s Web browser, so you don’t even need a computer to access the website.

Procreate Draw is extremely easy to use and has many useful features to make drawing and painting with your iPhone an enjoyable experience. The built-in tutorials provide step-by-step instructions for almost any skill level. As you progress in your painting or drawing skills, you can add more tools to your palette with upgrades of the optional sketch pad and brush packs available from the app. You can create your own photo journal or calendars using the calendar and diary tools. When you feel adventurous, try experimenting with the sketch pad. It’s a great place to start learning and tapping into your creative side.

If you really want to take your art to the next level, try downloading a Procreate HD Gallery to your iPhone. This gallery will allow you to add all of your previous and favorite drawings, paintings and prints to your pocket, on your screen, in one location. You can also download an unlimited amount of high quality art from other Procreate users. This can save you quite a bit of money since you no longer have to pay to download a file.

Like the drawing pad, you are able to draw directly onto your pocket via Air Draw. This is a very similar process to the way that you would draw directly onto a paper piece, only it’s made available on your iPhone. You can easily erase unwanted lines by clicking on the eraser tool on the top right of the screen. You can change the canvas size using the draw tool which is found in the upper left corner of the screen.


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