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Procreate Pockets – A Closer Look At The Apple Pencil

procreate pocket

Procreate Pockets – A Closer Look At The Apple Pencil

Developed by Savage Interactive in the quiet wilds of Tasmania, Procreate Pocket is an easy-to-use, fun way to create a baby scrapbook album that’s perfect for the whole family. With its high-contrast, flat colors and crisp, clear images, your baby will love it. Features include:

The program designed by Savage Interactive was created especially for the use with the Savage Diapering system. It works in conjunction with the Diaper Registry application that was previously developed by Savage and allows the user to take photographs of themselves while they are drenched in water. It also includes an application called Puddle Jump, that was specially designed and made for this program. There is also Gaussian Blur, another favorite among graphics artists for softening the lines in photographs.

The most unique feature of the program designed by Savage Interactive was the use of the Apple Pencil, which is a high-end, precision pencil specifically manufactured for the purpose of creating artwork. This is one of the best creative writing instruments available on the market for babies and children. The innovative way that it is used creates a sense of creativeness, imagination and calmness in your baby’s eyes as he or she writes the letters, numbers or shapes using the stylus.

One of the things that make the procreate pocket easy to use is its unique “pencil-on” design that utilizes the pressure of your finger to write the letters, numbers or other objects. In addition, the larger sized iPhone X and iPhone 11 will not slip out of your grip when you’re trying to write on them. This specific design is also perfect for writing notes or numbers down for your child. You can also write text messages and send them from your phone with ease.

The innovative thing about this particular product is that it utilizes the Apple Pencil, which is the same one used for the iPad, to write the fine points of the letter or object that you are trying to create. The best part about it is that you will not be spending hundreds of dollars on purchasing an additional digital art tool. Furthermore, you will be saving money on purchasing paper and supplies for your projects.

In general, there are many differences between the iPad and Procreate, including price, size and features. Procreate is a well-known brand name for digital painting and drawing tools. While the price may put some people off initially, you should know that the majority of professional artists use the Procreate line and recommend it to friends. For those who do not have the cash to spend on an expensive program, it is definitely worth checking out the free version. Whether you want a fun and entertaining way to create art or just use it to take notes, the Apple Pencil is a perfect addition to your pocket.


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