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Procreate Pocket Vs Procreate Software

If your child has shown an interest in video games, you may have given some thought to creating a digital “pocket” for them that they can carry inside their pocket and use to indulge in their favorite hobby. In the past, you would have been forced to use a large, awkward looking video game system or gaming console in order to protect your child’s investment; however, with the advent of new technology, you can now create a high quality, pocket-sized video game system that can be carried around easily. The Procreate Pocket is the perfect gift for any parent who wants to give their child something fun to play on the go, without sacrificing their cell phone. Developed by Savage Interactive in collaboration with Australian company OZScapes, the Procreate Pocket is designed to be both safe and functional, allowing you to play your child’s favorite video games while still keeping them secure and safe. The unique clamshell design of the pocket also offers a sleek and slim design that securely holds all the Procreate accessories that you may need to keep your child entertained while traveling.

procreate pocket

With a huge array of activities to enjoy on the go, the Procreate Pocket is the perfect solution for any parent looking to provide their child with hours of pure fun and entertainment while on the run. The Procreate app offers activities that will appeal to both kids and adults. From coloring to building and landscaping, from cooking to racing, the Procreate app has it all!

The Procreate app comes with many wonderful, useful features such as the ability to load and save a wide variety of images and pictures that you may want to use as backgrounds, stickers, or just to round out the entire creative process. You can easily upload your own photos or photographs and swap out artwork from the gallery. You can also access special tools for sketching and basic editing. You can import a wide variety of brushes from the Procreate drawing app, which allows you to paint, draw, paint, and even erase quickly and easily. Plus, the Procreate pocket has a special draw-ability feature that allows you to bring your imagination to full fruition.

If you are a fan of time-lapse recreation, you will truly appreciate the Procreate application. The Procreate pocket provides you with an array of unique features that take photo and video recording to the next level. Not only does the Procreate pocket enable you to record in high definition, but it also provides you with the ability to watch live video streams of yourself drawing, painting, cooking, or doing almost anything else you might do on the iPhone. With the innovative time-lapse replay feature, you can not only view your work, but you can get access to rewind and playback to rewind to the exact moment you started the process.

If you love connecting with other artists via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace, then the Procreate application is a must-have for you. You can create your own photo journal on the fly, attach images, videos, or documents from your computer or your phone to the iPhone. The built-in editing features help to make the most of your time-lapse export experience. Plus, the Procreate software will connect you with other artists in your area who can use this application to show off their works via the photo sharing option on your iPhone.

The Procreate pocket is ideal for anyone who wants to take their artistic journey out of the boundaries of their home and onto a larger stage. Whether you are just starting out, or you have an extensive portfolio of past work that you would like to present in a gallery setting, the iPhone is perfect for showcasing your work to the world. Procreate allows you to create high quality, professional looking artworks that will astound your friends and inspire those who see them. The artistic journey is now available to everyone thanks to the iPhone.


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