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Procreate Pocket Vs Procreate Full Albums

Procreate Pocket is your answer if you want to take advantage of the drawing power of your iPhone, without compromising your professional skills. Since the release of the highly-anticipated iPhone 4, the iPhone users have all been eagerly waiting for the next version and one such version is the iPhone 4s, with which they can take advantage of a number of new features which were not present in the previous models of iPhone. The new iPhone also features a high-end feature called the Continuity. Continuity is a feature that lets you use applications simultaneously on your iPhone and in your tablet. With the help of this feature, you can easily switch from viewing a presentation on your phone to sharing the same on your tablet, or even using the camera to capture your images.

procreate pocket

Now let’s get down to the real deal. Is there any reason to invest in the Procreate pocket for your iPhone? The iPhone pocket is a portable drawing tool, that looks similar to the official Procreate drawing tool from Apple, with the only difference being that it comes packed inside the iPhone. Although iPhone technically still lacks support for the Apple Pencil, it does provide a 3D touch screen feature which enables in-built pressure-sensitivity when using either your finger or a stylus. With the Procreate pocket you can take your Procreate all over, be it to the office or out on the road.

The first thing that will strike you while using the Procreate pocket on your iPhone is how lightweight it is. Compared to the bigger version of the popular drawing app, you would find that the Procreate pocket is quite similar in size too. It is very convenient to carry, as the case has a built-in strap which allows you to secure it around your wrist, just like an invisible strap. You will feel at ease as you are able to carry your Procreate in complete control.

If we take a look at the bigger version of the Procreate app, then we find that the Procreate pocket is made up of the same material as the rest of the entire kit (i.e., strong, rubberized vinyl). However, this time around, the Procreate pocket has a front pocket, which is where you will insert your Procreate. The iPhone pocket includes a USB charging cable and a pair of ear buds. With the Procreate pocket, you no longer need to worry about connecting the pencil to your computer – it is USB connectable. Thus, you can draw with your Procreate anywhere you go.

Perhaps the most amazing part of the Procreate pocket 2 is its comprehensive list of innovative features. Among these features include: a paper-jet printer for those who love to print their own pictures or to keep a group of color prints ready. The Procreate software even lets you export your artwork straight from the program’s digital canvas, which is perfect for sharing on Facebook and via email. If you are looking for advanced features in your digital painting app, the Procreate pocket 2 is definitely a step above the rest.

For parents who want to take a break from their busy schedule, the Procreate pocket is definitely the best choice. Not only does it feature an internal camera, but it also allows you to upload your artwork directly from the app onto Facebook and other social media sites. Not only is this great for saving time, but you can also share your artwork with friends. If you love taking pictures, you might want to check out the Procreate pocket, as it offers some really cool features and functions that you won’t find in any other app.


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