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Procreate Pocket Review – Does it Have Support for the iPad?

procreate pocket

Procreate Pocket Review – Does it Have Support for the iPad?

It’s not very often to see an application with such a profound depth and power as Procreate Pocket. This innovative digital-art program unlocks the full potential of iPhone as an artist’s tool, merging it with precision technologies previously exclusively available only on Mac and iPad. When you’re a professional illustrator or designer, Procreate Pocket can help you bring your ideas to life, using nothing but the touch of your finger. Whether you want to bring your concepts to life by rendering them on physical paper or displaying them on a larger version on your screen, or if you want to perfect them in Photoshop before sending them to a client, this application will allow you to do so with ease. You can even lock in the white balance, saturation, and color values of one image or your entire project.

In addition to this incredible technology, there are many other features that Procreate Pocket provides you with. For example, you can use Procreate’s advanced tracing tools to trace and highlight special areas of your drawings, and you can also use Procreate’s retouching tools to make fine corrections and changes to your work. If you have a specific image that you want to be duplicated, it is possible to do so right then and there with a single click. Plus, you can use Procreate’s undo function, so you can go back to a previous stage if you find that you have made a mistake.

In addition to all of these amazing features, Procreate Pocket has what it calls a time-lapse function. The time-lapse feature in this unique app enables you to create a moving picture gallery. As you click on one of your images in the time lapse mode, it will play out in the background. Each time you click on an image it will play out to the next. This is an extremely useful feature that I really love using as I can take pictures of my little girl doing her homework, or of the cat playing in my office.

Overall, I really love using Procreate Pocket for its drawing and photo editing capabilities. However, the app does lack support for the larger and more popular ios apps. You can, however, export your drawings and photos in one particular format. This is an exported bitmap, which you can open in most of the default ios apps. This is a great feature that I really appreciate having because not everyone wants to spend money downloading and using several different programs for one single function.

Another major problem that I see with procreate pocket is that the time-lapse feature doesn’t really work if the camera is not connected to the phone. It seems like this was meant to be an “on the wrist” application, but the fact is that it needs to be synced up wirelessly between the phone and iPad in order to work. If you are going to use this drawing app on your iPhone, I recommend either purchasing a bluetooth iPad camera to use with it, or going with an ios version of Procreate that has this ability built-in. This will allow you to sync up your drawing app and photograph with one another. The only draw back is that it won’t be as effective unless you are actually holding the camera in your hand.

Overall, I really enjoy using procreate pocket to draw and paint with my little daughter. The draw and paint feature works very well for small kids, and the pressure-sensitive painting ability allows me to make detailed paintings of my little ones. However, the only thing that really lacks support is the larger, more popular, and more expensive ipad. If you are looking for a drawing and painting app that is only $2.99, I would highly recommend this excellent program for you and your iPad.


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