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Procreate Pocket Creator – Create Your Own EBooks

procreate pocket

Procreate Pocket Creator – Create Your Own EBooks

It s not very often that an application with such precision and depth is introduced to the market with such broad scope and power; yet, in this case, Procreate Pocket has it all. This revolutionary best-in-class software taps into the power of iPhone as an artist’s tool, integrating a portable canvas with advanced precision features only found on iPad and Mac. For professionals, this is the ultimate solution for displaying large files and projects, while for amateurs, it provides the perfect medium to create fine art pieces. The new file format also offers greater compatibility between various printing applications. Here are the benefits you can enjoy from using Procreate:

Share – Sharing photos with friends and family is now easier than ever thanks to the new feature present in Procreate. All images can be copied to an external device or uploaded directly to your photo album. If you have an existing library of pictures, you can easily switch over to the new version to add more of your favorite images. Likewise, if you want to share a special moment with a loved one, just select it from your photo album and share it instantly without any hassles.

Compatibility – Unlike the ordinary ios apps, Procreate pocket is specially designed to run perfectly on both the iPad and the new apple iPhone. Apple has extensively tested it, and the result is absolutely superb, running flawlessly on both devices. In addition to this, the software is compatible with most iPods as well. This is the reason why so many professional photographers have chosen Procreate as their illustration app, enabling them to integrate their work with the latest technologies, especially when it comes to creativity and speed.

Pricing – There is no cost for downloading the procreate pocket app, and there are no subscription fees payable by users. The one-time payment is for the entire software, which lasts for one full year. You will therefore not be charged even once for installing the app on your iPad or for any subsequent downloads. The total price therefore is equivalent to roughly 20% of the price of the actual iPhones and iPads.

Compatibility Check – If you own either an iPhone or an iPad, it is highly likely that you will encounter some sort of issue while using the software. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a beginner, you may find certain features to be missing or the functionality of some features is non-existent. To ensure that you get the best experience with the application, you should download procreate pocket from the official website and then use the compatibility checker on the application to ensure that you are not being faced with any problems. The tool enables you to see whether the application is compatible with the iPhone or iPad. It also checks for compatibility with a range of other popular touch screen devices including the iPod Touch and Android phones and tablets.

iBooks Author – This innovative application enables you to create eBooks that you can load directly into your iBooks reader without ever having to connect to a computer. This is a great way to share your work with family and friends, or even to distribute to a wider audience. Not only do you have the ability to print out your eBooks in bulk for corporate presentations, but you will also have the ability to give them away as PDF’s and even put them onto different websites for free. Download procreate pocket today!


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