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Procreate Pocket Computer Review

Procreate Pocket is a new creation from developer Savage Interactive. Developed in the deep greens of Tasmania, it allows you to zoom into high-definition digital canvases and create even the best details pixel-perfect – no matter how small the scene. No more photo retouching post-production; simply drag and drop to make your image perfect. You can also edit zoomed areas – and even crop your images!

Like other apps on the iPhone, Procreate is designed to give creative artists the option of manipulating their work. This is achieved by the use of a variety of artistic tools that are housed in two main regions on the interface: brushes and shapes. The brushes offer a selection of different shapes, from simple round corners to complex geometrical forms. Shapes allow users to apply stroke effects, blur effects, and even create 3D effects with their brushes.

With the application’s shape tool, for example, users are able to edit and manipulate basic oval, rectangular, and circle shapes. There are some limitations when it comes to manipulating those shapes, however. While you can zoom out and see the effect in the model view, you cannot move the model while the editing is in progress. While this may seem like a hindrance, Procreate’s ability to offer advanced functions makes up for the lacking features.

For those wishing to take their paintings to the next level, the iSculpture feature in Procreate is sure to please. iSculpture lets you crop your images and add shading and highlights to your artwork. With the Procreate software, you’ll never be left wondering how to enhance the look of your illustrations or paintings. The addition of a high-end digital camera and a standard ink-jet printer to the device also adds to the versatility of the iPhone for those wishing to transfer photos from their camera or gallery to the iPhone.

As an added bonus, the Procreate pocket computer includes a drawing app that is similar to what is offered on the iPhone. This is ideal for those who are drawing from a sketchbook or have a subscription to a drawing site. Drawing in the Procreate allows users to bring their sketches to life on the small screen of their iPhone. The wide, flat screen is easy to navigate and includes tools such as eraser and brush tools. The drawing app also offers a variety of tools including colors, lines, and shaders. These features make it easy to add depth and dimension to your artwork and create custom backgrounds for your iPhone.

Overall, the Procreate pocket computer is an excellent choice for the student who wishes to take his or her work with him or her anywhere. The size of the unit is suitable for carrying on one’s person at all times, and the numerous functions make it easy to use and keep organized. The time-lapse photo mode makes it possible to take multiple photos at different times of the day. Users of this product will definitely appreciate the ease of use that the Procreate provides.


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