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Procreate Pocket Comparison Review – Should You Purchase It?

procreate pocket

Procreate Pocket Comparison Review – Should You Purchase It?

Procreate pocket is yet another innovative drawing app for the iPad that has been released by iPad Studio. Although iPhone seemingly lacks support for the Apple Pencil, yet it does still provide a 3D Touch feature that allows for in-built pressure-sensory painting using either your finger or a well-matched stylus. The feature works extremely well and if you are an artist, you will surely love this capability in your iPad. But this is not all; there are several other exciting applications that can only be found inside the App Store for the iPad. Here are some of them.

While the first application of procreate pocket for the iPhone was the amazing tattoo creator, the latest one, version 3.0, has really pushed the iPhone’ s capabilities to another level. With this amazing tool, you are able to create very realistic and life-like brushes. You will be able to make your own brushes that will emulate what you see when you brush your hair, apply makeup, or apply paint on your canvases. These brushes are highly detailed and you can blend them together to achieve many different effects. You can also edit the size of your brushes by choosing from several selections. You may also tweak the color of your brushes using the available options.

Time-Lapse: This is another very interesting and useful application that was recently added to the App Store for the iPad. With this amazing application, you will be able to capture and edit your favorite time lapse videos. All you need is an iPhone and an Internet connected computer. All you need to do is to connect your iPhone to the computer’s USB port and then let the time-lapse video capture device to capture the video footage. From there, you can edit and enhance your time lapse photographs.

Pressure-Sensitive Painting: For the first time ever, Apple has allowed its customers to utilize their very own external painting device through the use of its own app, called Procreate. You may not be familiar with this new feature; however, it is extremely useful for those who love to take pictures but hate to touch them. With this feature, you can simply pinch the screen to instantly start taking digital pictures and you are all set. Not only does it lacks support for any image editing apps that are designed for the iPhone, it also lacks support for standard pressure-sensitive painting tools that make this feature incredibly useful for those who love to take pictures but hate to touch them afterwards.

Multi-touch Portrait: In addition to providing users with the ability to capture photos, text, and other images with their fingertips, the iPad’s multi-touch interface allows you to instantly share them on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, one thing that this feature does not have is an app that allows you to edit or crop the portrait afterwards. Luckily, this is not a major problem since you can easily transfer your portrait to your phone and then crop it again using the provided crop function of the Procreate pocket. But, what about those times when you need to edit your portrait? The iPad has no way of converting your photo into a Flash format, therefore you will just have to use your digital camera or the photo editing apps on your phone to fix whatever picture you are stuck with.

So there it is; all in all, the Procreate pocket doesn’t have much to offer you as far as functionality goes, but it does do a decent job of being a convenient carrying case for your little digital assistant. It doesn’t offer much in the way of editing functions or even a way to edit your pictures once you take them. But if you need to edit them later, it could come in handy. The pocket, unfortunately, lacks any type of protection from bumps and scratches so you may want to invest in a nice case instead. Or just carry around your phone and snap some shots with your new puppy!


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