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Procreate Pocket and Artist Viewer – A Tablet For Artwork Too

Developed by Savage Interactive in collaboration with Mattel, Procreate Pocket is a unique application that allows users to create their very own digital scrapbooks. This simple and easy-to-use application allows users to not only edit and manipulate digital photographs, but also share and publish them in a number of ways. The free version of Procreate Scrapbook allows users to quickly take screen shots and easily adjust composition and color. Unfortunately, the paid version adds even more features and provides a few more tools that are very helpful for beginners who want to start creating digital scrapbooks. If you’re an amateur photographer or someone who’s interested in taking your digital photography skills to the next level, this application is definitely worth checking out.

In addition to its basic photo editing features, the free version of Procreate Scrapbook allows users to import and save their own images as well as those of other users. With the option to choose from a variety of brushes, the iPhone version of the app allows you to really pimp up the photos that you take with the camera. Available brushes include; merge, glow, airbrush, pencil, eraser, and much more.

If you’re wondering how exactly the brushes work, simply think of a traditional painting application and then think of the brushes that would be used in that particular painting. The same concept can be applied to the Procreate Scrapbook application. While there are certainly traditional brushes in this application, the most useful brushes are probably the ones included within the ” Brushes” section of the main screen. This section displays all the brushes that you currently have loaded into your computer as well as any additional brushes that you may have installed.

The App in iPod Touch – Procreate Scrapbook doesn’t use the standard iPhone tap and drag system for dragging items, but instead uses its unique stylus for everything from clicking and dragging to coloring and resizing. The stylus, which is also used for selecting and editing objects within the main interface, takes care of most of the work that would otherwise be handled by the tap and drag system found in a traditional app. The stylus is not only used for dragging and dropping items, but it can also be used for clicking objects. This is done by a simple touch on the screen to focus on an object and then dragging the cursor around to click it.

Drawing App – Since the standard iPad version of Procreate Scrapbook allows only two sheets of page at a time, users must learn how to master the dragging and drop functionality in order to create several layers of art with just one application. This is easily accomplished by creating a “drawing app” within the Procreate pocket. Similar to an iPhone’s gallery app, the drawing app allows users to drag and drop items such as stamps and stickers to create different patterns and designs. This feature is extremely useful for creating not only simple artworks, but more complex multi-colored images and patterns. While the standard version of the app allows only two layers of art for viewing, the latest version, Procreate Drawiture, allows for viewing up to four layers at a time. With the Drawiture app, users can even change the colors of their artwork by choosing new brush shapes and colors without having to change their art supplies.

While most people are content to sit down at their computers and enjoy themselves while using their favorite apps, others want more from their gadgets. The Procreate Pocket and Artist Viewer from Apple not only allow for a fun and productive way to create and edit art, but it also lets them do it on the go. By only needing a small amount of space on their devices, they can take full advantage of all the benefits of the iPad and leave their home or office with the latest and greatest creative work. When someone opens up their Procreate pocket, they are left with a canvas that is uniquely their own, and one that they can invite friends and family to come over and enjoy.


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