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Procreate Pocket – An Interactive Artist’s Companion

Procreate Pocket is an iPhone application that allows you to create a personalized calendar for yourself or others. The application works by creating and printing out a calendar each month. Each month you can invite friends, family members or even your co-workers to see what’s happening in your life. The calendar can be customized in many different ways allowing you to keep in contact with everyone at once. If you like to have people approve certain activities for you to do then this can be easily done too. Once the event is completed all the approvals will be saved and you can create them again each month.

The Procreate Pocket comes with a sleek glass case that is perfect for displaying it proudly. As it is an iPhone application, you will need to buy it from the apple app store instead of through the iTunes shop. Given that it is an iPhone app, you will need to download it through your iPhone and then directly download from there. Procreate Pocket doesn’t require a membership fee and only costs the one time charge of the $4. 99 one time payment. After paying this fee, you can then print out all your events as printable pages.

Unlike the pencil and paper style versions, the Procreate pocket has a built in stylus. This makes using the application much easier since you can not slippery when drawing. To draw or simply manipulate the calendar in any way, all you need is the Procreate stylus. It works great with any models of iPhones including the iPhone 4, iPod Touch and the iPad. The stylus attaches to the pencil slot and makes using the procreate pocket much easier.

The software behind the creation of the procreate pocket was designed by the professional Apple user, Jonathan Geller. He wanted to create an easy to use drawing program for the iPod Touch. He knew that the average user does not know enough about advanced graphic design programs such as Photoshop so he concentrated on making it as easy to use as possible. The result is a pencil and paper style drawing program that anyone can enjoy. This is because the applications are so simple to use. You would be hard pressed to find any other software product that is more uncomplicated to work with on any type of mobile device.

Another benefit of the procreate pocket is that it comes with a selection of high quality brushes. These brushes are ideal for creating detailed and intricate illustrations and photographs. In addition to the brushes, the procreate pocket also comes with a selection of different sized pencils. So no matter what size of ipad you have, you will be able to draw with ease on your device. These pencils are sold separately, but when you purchase the procreate pocket and the entire set of the procreate accessories, you can receive one complimentary pencil with every purchase.

With all of the amazing technological advancements being made each day, it is hard to imagine how innovative creative alternatives to traditional painting methods could possibly be. The touch screen interface of the procreate is especially beneficial for those who do a lot of work on their iPhones since there is no need to place physical pressure on the device. Even more incredible than all of this is that it was specifically designed for the highly technically savvy iPhone user.


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