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Procreate Pocket – A Review of Its Drawing App

procreate pocket

Procreate Pocket – A Review of Its Drawing App

Procreate Pocket is iPhone App of the Month because: It lets artists of all levels create, draw, sketch, and paint without compromise, anytime inspiration strikes. It s not very often to find an app with so many precision functions and the amazing depth and detail of Procreate Pocket. This top-notch digital art app unshines the functionality of iPhone as an artistic tool for hobbyists and professionals alike, unearthing the potential for everything from detailed paintings to intricate drawing and sketching. No matter your goals for your work, this powerful app will allow you to make the best of your creative potential.

This outstanding iPhone and iPad application was designed by two professional illustrators who wanted an affordable, high-quality digital art program designed specifically for their own use. The result is something truly unique – the only app that combines the precision and features of a high-end professional drawing app with a fully-eatured, easy-to-use, “just for fun” version. You can draw, download your favorite sketches, and quickly share your work via Facebook, Twitter, email, or even text message. Procreate even allows you to export your artwork in various formats, including JPEGs, PNGs, TIFFs, and others.

One of my favorite aspects of this wonderful application is the amount of flexibility it provides me with. For example, I am always on the go and need a fast way to bring up my sketchbook, but the native application does not have support for third party plugins. So, what do I do? I use procreate pocket! I simply downloaded this amazing drawing app, installed it on my iphone and began immediately using it.

In addition to providing me with a fast, one-stop solution to bring up my sketchbook, procreate pocket also has several other neat features. One is the ability to view my time-lapse photographs. To access this feature, all I did was connect my iSight camera via bluetooth to my iphone, then downloaded and installed the photo sharing application. Viewing my time-lapse photos on the screen of my phone was as simple as clicking on one of the little boxes on the lower right-hand corner of my screen. Then, all I did was take one of my photos and choose “Share.”

The last major feature of procreate pocket is its integration with popular social media websites. With the recent update to iOS 4, Apple has made it possible for users of iPhone and iPad devices to integrate their social networking accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn into their device. This means that if I want to show off an old photo of my daughterart or something I’ve done on paper, it will automatically appear on my iphone, as it appears in my social networks. So far, this integration hasn’t been featured in any other software applications.

The final draw sequence I am going to demonstrate is called, aptly enough, the Procreate Ring Texture Clipping Drawing App. I really enjoyed creating this one, as I spent a lot of time trying different settings and experimenting with various brush sets. Once again, I couldn’t find the exact settings i needed to get the kind of result i wanted. This time around, I decided to download procreate pocket’s drawing app instead of going to its drawing tools section. By enabling the drawing feature inside procreate pocket, I was able to find and enable different brushes and blend modes within the app, allowing me to design and create a variety of textures.


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