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Procreate Pocket 2

Version 2.0 of Procreate Pocket has just been released today, and it’s basically a completely new application, which was created from the ground up using the iPhone in mind. Procreate Pocket is designed using the powerful Metal Engine technology as the backbone of the Apple Pencil-driven iPad applications, and developer Savage International says that virtually every single line of code and every single pixel are 100% optimized for use with the iPhone. The good news is that because of the way in which the two applications are designed, they’re actually very easy to use together – so much so that many people who’ve never used a computer before being able to start developing real applications almost immediately. Of course, it goes without saying that if you have previous experience in developing games or applications, you’ll find the Procreate Pocket creation process a lot more straightforward.

procreate pocket

After you have set up your development environment with Procreate pocket, you should be ready to download the free “demo” version of the application, which allows you to use the program without having to use any money (as in, you can simply use it from a “development” computer). Although this particular demo version of the application doesn’t incorporate many of the features that will be found in the final product, it does give you a taste of what’s to come. After you’ve gotten accustomed to the layout and user interface, you may want to join the procreate pocket community on the iOS website in order to ask questions, receive updates, discuss enhancements, and get more help. As the app continues to gain more popularity, many more functions and features are planned to be included.

One of the things that make procreate pocket so special is the amount of options and tools it includes. If you’re a professional designer, then you’ll certainly want to take advantage of everything this app has to offer. The two main tools you’ll find within the app are the draw shapes and edit shape tools. These are very powerful features, especially when it comes to creating realistic and sophisticated graphics. However, there are other tools included as well, such as the gradient tools and the edit brush tools. You’ll also find additional features such as “save” and “restore” buttons, as well as a toolbar for creating custom icons.

Perhaps one of the best features of procreate pocket is the built-in pressure-sensitive painting capability. This function allows users to pinch, touch, or hold on to the screen to make different kinds of images appear on the phone’s screen. The three types of images you can choose from include: canvas, photo, and sketch. To get a feel for how this function works, simply download the free “iphone sketches” app from the iTunes store, then open it on your iphone.

Procreate is not the first application of its kind to have these advanced features, so it is definitely a good idea for users to try this out on their new iphone. If you would like to save money, you can try downloading free copies of other apps before trying this one out. It certainly isn’t a program that you’ll become addicted to, but you never know – you may find yourself using it more than you ever did before. All in all, Procreate Pocket 2 is an excellent application that will allow you to do a lot with your iPhone, especially since it is packed full of features.

In addition to providing a drawing surface, Procreate has several other functions as well. For example, it includes some interesting apps, including Liquify Dynamics and Liquify Gallery. If you have an iphone, then the next time you see one of those ads for pocket printers, chances are that it will be a Procreate device in the background. Now that the company has launched the application to take advantage of the Apple devices’ greater functionality, it will probably find itself competing with many other great iPhone programs. You can download the free version from the iTunes store right now.


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