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Procreate Pocket 2 – Features and Benefits of the New Version

Developer Savage Interactive has made it even easier to make great craft and artful sketches on your iPhone with an amazing new update to Procreate Pocket. The developer has completely rebuilt the application, completely rewriting all the code, and adding in high-speed, fully mobile, Silica S, the exact same graphic engine that powers Procreate 4. It is a total rewrite of the previous application that allowed users to upload their creations to the App Store. This time around, everything is brand new including controls and functions, and it is easier than ever to share your work. You can now edit your sketches within the application, and you can even add new elements like stickers, labels, and text boxes. The only thing lacking is a few more images, but that’s about all the improvements you’ll notice.

procreate pocket

One of the main features of the new app is the time-lapse option, allowing you to record your artistic ideas onto the screen in slow motion. With this unique function, you can play back your ideas over, until you get them right. The only way to get rid of your time-lapse is to delete the screen capture option from the actual procreate pocket, but that isn’t necessary as you can just use the time-lapse feature whenever you’re ready to record.

In addition, another great addition to this version of procreate pocket for the iPhone X is the built-in editing tools that allow you to easily edit your artwork on the fly. These include a selection of standard effects such as strobe, fog, burnout, and charcoal. There are also a number of effects that are only available in the professional version of the app, including 3D Touch, Colorize, Add Layer, and Add Shapes.

The time-lapse feature and the ability to capture your ideas on the fly are two of the most exciting new features available with Procreate, however these features aren’t the only ones that make Procreate such a great app. In addition, the fact that it is completely swipe-based makes it a much better experience than other apps. Swipe-based apps simply take too much time to set up and then tend to become less functional as you learn how to control them. With Procreate, you are able to start off designing your masterpiece in mere minutes, and spend the rest of your time fine-tuning and enjoying the experience.

Perhaps the greatest feature of Procreate is the interface. Unlike many other apps on the market today, procreate pocket has been designed using an elegant, clean design which is easy to use and understand. This is because the app was designed by a large, renowned company, and as such, provides a number of useful features that make using it a breeze. Not only does it allow you to edit photos, it also allows you to create unique cards, create custom shapes, and even edit out business logos from third party applications. In fact, some people may say it’s so easy to use that procreate could probably replace the need for an actual designer!

Perhaps one of the most interesting advanced features in the new version of the procreate pocket 2 is the ability to add in custom elements and stickers. You can add in almost any element or sticker you can think of to make your photo realistic, and with the large selection available, it’s possible to personalize every aspect of your images. This means that the possibilities with this pocket app are almost endless. You might find that the way you see things will change drastically once you begin using it. In fact, many people say that the advanced features of the photo editing software really helps to make pictures more fun to look at.


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