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Procreate Kits For Artists


Procreate Kits For Artists

For any serious or dedicated lettering artist, the only way to get better is to expand and experiment with the many possibilities available with a fine art Procreate set. Presenting Procreate Lubrication Sets. A complete set of over 211 brushes for Procreate to recreate the brushes used by professional lettering artists. They all are made with high-quality synthetic oil-based products to emulate the same professional tools that top pro lettering artists use. Each brush has a different technique that creates a myriad of different effects that are sure to make a statement about your work.

When it comes to textures and detail, nothing compares to the large variety offered in the Procreate Texture Collection. These large brushes cover all areas from busy, bright city streets to the smooth curves of a water fountain. These textures can be blended and defined for an array of detailing effects. And, thanks to the various color palettes included, you can match the palette to create beautiful and original color combinations that match or contrast with the design of the artwork you are creating.

The Procreate Inking Brushes include the popular retro brushes including the famous Smoothing stencil. You can also find an assortment of brushes specifically for the flat side of the paper. Many of these inking brushes are available in the colors black, magenta, white and silver for you to easily match your artwork and the colors used in the creations.

Another feature found in the best procreate brushes is the built-in galaxy map creation system. Using this system, you can bring your galaxy designs to life with its realistic 3D effect. The built-in galaxy map allows you to switch between different views so you can see how they would appear on your actual paper surface. With its realistic star field and planet backgrounds, your creations will truly come to life.

One of the best procreate kits available today includes the realistic fur shakers. Fur shakers are great for giving your creations that authentic fur look. The realistic fur shaker gives you the opportunity to change the color and texture of the fur to add more dimension and realism to your creations. To further enhance your furry creations, you can find numerous brushes that allow you to apply these hairs to your artwork easily.

The Procreate Digital Camera System is not only a great drawing and painting tool; it is also a digital photo printer. You can easily transfer your digital photos to your computer and use the Smart Preparing function to print them out at your convenience. This handy device allows you to create high quality direct photo prints of your artwork. The best Procreate digital camera also includes a bundled software program that include a library of hundreds of professionally designed templates and other features such as a library of pictures, unlimited scanning and printing capabilities, and an intuitive user interface that make creating and printing simple and enjoyable.


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