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Procreate – Interactive iPhone App

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Procreate – Interactive iPhone App

Procreate Pocket has become one of the most desired programs to join the burgeoning army of iPhone apps today. Combining a powerful enough to satisfy artistic professional, easy enough to be used by everyone. Award winning Procreate Pocket is an art program that is simple and highly functional for both amateur and professional artists alike. Offering hundreds of realistic brushes, a huge range of brushes, special effects tools, an impressive layer system, and new high-end graphics engine. Combine this with the ability to edit, draw, blend, erase, and rotate brushes.

Procreate is similar to many other apps in the sense that it contains a large collection of brushes. You can change brush types by tapping on the new button on the top right corner of your screen. This action will expand a basic selection area of your brushes to include all of the brushes currently in your painting. You can also make multiple selections with one single tap. You can move your brushes around by dragging them in the selected spot. It’s very easy to lose your place while painting as you can easily lose track of where you last started or ended.

While most apps have limited capabilities, Procreate has the ability to be fully functional on the go. The lack of 3d touch support is its only real shortcoming. The overall functionality of this program is superb. It can easily transfer your brushes from the computer to your pocket, and you can do the same with your artwork.

Like most good iPhone apps Procreate comes in two versions. There is a free version, and a commercial version with advertisements blocked out. As with any good quality app you will receive the updates free of charge, as well as regular support and upgrades. If you are someone who likes to try out new things you might want to consider downloading the commercial version. This version will let you save and organize your work in folders, as well as add similar images to your “pocket” that you can move around if necessary.

Perhaps the biggest feature of Procreate is the Time-Lapse Export function. Since it lacks the 3D Touch support of most apps it may take some getting used to, but once you are accustomed to it you will wonder how you ever lived without it! The Time-Lapse Export allows you to export your artwork in JPEG or PNG format for use on a computer or gallery. This feature will save you money since you no longer have to purchase an expensive printer or pay a company to print out your creations.

If you have an iPhone you will definitely want to try out Procreate. It’s an extremely robust and flexible painting app that gives you the chance to create unique artwork using your own images or photographs. The built-in image editing and sharing features make it easy to transform your photos and artwork into high-resolution, printable images that you can send to friends and family.


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