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Procreate: For Artists Without Compromise

Procreate Pocket is iPhone App of the Month because: It lets artists of all ages to sketch, paint, and drawing without compromise, no matter where inspiration strikes. It s not very often to see an application with such deep and powerful functionality as Procreate Pocket. This application finally unshines the depths of iPhone as a powerful tool for hobbyists and professionals alike, combining an expansive portable canvas with sophisticated drawing and painting features previously available only to professional artists and high priced professional tools. The full version of Procreate Pocket gives you access to a huge variety of brushes and shapes that can be manipulated and combined in countless ways.

procreate pocket

Features you will appreciate right out of the box: High-resolution brushes and brush engines allow you to create unique and complex artwork and illustrations. Time lapse export lets you take your creations to the next level by converting your creations into high-resolution, frame-by-frame images. The built-in library will make browsing previous sketches and ideas a snap. If you feel like flexing your artistic muscle, the built-in photo editing function will give you a range of retouching tools including renaming and editing faces, adjusting saturation and brightness, and creating backgrounds and adding text. Finally, you have access to over 50 graphics tools that are ideal for creating unique and innovative artwork and illustrations.

What more can you ask for in a drawing, painting, or sketching app? The Procreate pocket app comes with over 250 pre-loaded brushes, along with a wide range of shapes, sizes, textures, and effects to choose from. These include the ever popular sponge painting, egg shape, infinity geometric shapes, and classic pen and pencil sketches. You can blend these in with your favorite images and photographs as well as merge them with custom shapes and stickers.

If you want to expand your horizons beyond the Procreate sketching app, you’ll love Procreate’s photo editing capabilities. The new camera viewfinder lets you bring life to your favorite portrait photographs using the iPhone’s camera. There are no worries about your images because they are brought to life in 3D. The new background options will leave you with no excuse for not learning digital photography. If you love taking pictures of your friends and family, the Procreate photo editing features in the new pocket 2 will make it easy and fun to share images to your loved ones.

With Procreate, you get to fully benefit from everything the iPhone has to offer at an affordable price. This is without compromise. The Procreate software has been designed with the professional artist in mind. You can adjust shades, add text, erase red eye, and enhance your images. The best thing about this app is that it works on the go so you never have to worry about going out and buying a new camera or trying to find somewhere to take photos.

You will appreciate the fact that the Procreate software is a snap to use even when you don’t have an electronic camera. Even if you have your standard point and shoot digital art camera, you will love being able to edit your pictures with this program designed by Apple. You can apply filters and enhance colors and tones while snapping away. In addition to that, you can easily edit your photos on the go. So even if you’re traveling on an airplane, bus or car, you can easily edit your photos from your Procreate pocket and transfer them to your photo albums.


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