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Procreate Drawing App – Is it Better Than the Conventional Apple Pencil Drawing App?

procreate pocket

Procreate Drawing App – Is it Better Than the Conventional Apple Pencil Drawing App?

Version 2.0 of Procreate Pocket has just been released, and it is essentially a completely new application which has been conceptualized from the ground up only for the iPhone in mind. I was quite excited when I downloaded it and began to use it. I have always longed to have my own paternity calendar and planner/dating service on my phone – I’ve wanted to do this since the first day I had an iPhone, so I knew it would be something really great. The main feature of this application is the fact that you can sync your calendar (and events) from your existing Pocket Calendars and Gmail, as well as from your Apple Calendar!

This really takes procreate pocket to the next level. If you are someone who loves to keep a large list of events/calendars on your phone, but can struggle to find the time to go through them all, this application will help you immensely. I am not sure whether it’s the ability to design your own schedule or just the convenience of not carrying around a large list of items on your phone, but either way this is awesome. There are so many great things that I want to mention when I talk about this app – I could write for hours!

One of the greatest features I’ve found on the procreate pocket application is the built-in organizer. You can not only arrange your events in order of date, but you can also arrange them according to whatever you would like to do, like creating reminders for yourself to get exercise or whatever. If you have a lot of things on your to-do list, this is a fantastic way to organize them. If you use the standard Apple device (i.e. your iphone, ipod Touch, etc.) then this is perfect for you because it makes the process of using the device to organize your appointments even easier.

The only thing I can say to compare the Procreate pocket calendar with is the competitor, Liquify Dynamics. I believe there are some differences between the two, and one of these differences has to do with the way each program displays your calendar. Liquify Dynamics allows you to drag and drop event from one month to the next, while Procreate has you create them right in the app. I also believe that Procreate is just a better choice for beginners and pros alike, since the interface of the app is much simpler and more intuitive.

Procreate pockets 2 is the upgrade of the original pocket 2. It has all of the same advanced features as the original one, but it also includes a lot of cool new features. One of these features is the “draw with sketch” function. This function allows you to draw directly on your sketches instead of having to crop and resize them beforehand. I like the fact that you can use both portrait and landscape orientation when drawing with sketches.

Lastly, I’d like to mention that the iPhone version of Procreate has a neat feature: the pressure-sensitive painting mode. When you press the pressure-sensitive area on your finger, the screen will change colors to show your pen pressure. This mode is great for beginners who would like to learn how to create fine-line strokes, but don’t want to get stuck always having to turn the screen on. If you start using the pressure-sensitive mode, you may feel a bit awkward at first, but I’ve heard people get used to it pretty quickly. The coolest part is that the feature works with any type of paint, not just the brand Procreate.


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