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Procreate Draw iPhone App

Procreate Pocket by Artateck is the ultimate multi-purpose art app for iPhones and iPads. Powerful enough for professional artists. Simple enough for everybody. The award winning Procreate Pocket combines precision technology with professional tools, so you can paint like a pro right from your pocket. Offering hundreds of pressure sensitive brushes, multiple layers, and the stunning speed of Silica S, Procreate Pocket provides everything you need to make expressive, colorful, high-quality illustrations, colorful paintings, and detailed sketches on an expansive, fully-customizable canvas.

procreate pocket

Drawing, painting, sketching, photo retouching, or creating media-rich apps? You don’t have to leave your house to load up your iPad or iPhone – simply download and use Procreate Pocket to take advantage of a powerful, multi-touch drawing app that’s ready when you are. You can quickly and easily add text, shadows, highlights, blend modes, and filters to transform your artwork into a unique expression of your creativity. At a fraction of the price of professional graphic tablet software, Procreate Pocket takes an iPad or iPhone into the world of professional, high-quality art production at a fraction of the time it takes with a graphic tablet.

Drawing on your iPhone in Procreate Drawing App is quick, simple, and easy. Create high-resolution images, straight from your own photo library. You’ll be able to edit, stretch, flip, combine, crop, restore, or delete your artwork in seconds. Plus, you can connect your images using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, sort them by date, size, or color, or save them for later. Importing from your computer is easy – simply copy and paste your image file as you would with any other app.

Drawing in Procreate is smooth, yet still fluid and interactive. The drag and drop interface designed specifically for iPhones are combined with an intuitive, multi-touch interface designed for novices and experts alike. You can easily zoom in and out, pinch to move, switch between grids, and enhance your artwork with filters and enhancements. One of the best features of Procreate Draw is the ability to import your own stencils. Stencils are reusable patterns that you can create on your own computer and import into Procreate Draw. With a single tap of the screen, you can bring a stencil that you have created on your computer and use it to apply over your original design to create your unique tattoo.

Procreate Draw offers hundreds of options for retouching, enhancing, and creating photo-like images and artwork. The built-in image editing features offer retouching options like red eye removal, adjusting the size and positioning, adjusting brightness and contrast, flattening and sharpening, filling, restoring, and subtractive shading. For those who enjoy working with lines, Procreate offers a line graph option that allows you to draw with pen/pens, touch-sensing, and pressure-sensitive brushes. Drawing with a pencil is still possible, but with a line graph, you can blend strokes, create creative line drawings, or apply visual clues using your finger or pencil.

Procreate Draw is perfect for anyone who wants to start, continue, or broaden their tattoo collection. No longer do you have to spend thousands of dollars on purchasing every new tattoo design your heart desires. With the Procreate Draw program designed exclusively for the Apple iPhone, you can create your very own tattoos on the go. The best part about it? It’s completely safe!


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