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Procreate: Creative Ideas for Kids, Adults and Kids at School


Procreate: Creative Ideas for Kids, Adults and Kids at School

Looking for the best procreate brush set to purchase? With the Procreate Ultimate Sets you get a whole bunch of brushes that are made specifically for Procreate. This set includes brushes from the Basic set to the Deluxe set. It also comes with a mini palette, and a storage case to keep them organized.

The Basic Set: The base pack included in the Procreate Ultimate is the basic set which comes with acrylic and metallic skin brushes. This set has over thirty textures ranging from metallic, fleshy, leather, and paper texture textures. Some of these have extra blending spots to create the best layered effect. These are packed separately, so you have the ability to mix and match textures depending on your needs.

The Deluxe Set: This pack contains forty-eight brushes ranging from metallic to natural. It has the traditional acrylic and metallic skin brush sets which make professional applications a snap. It comes with hairspray and mousse, which are both used to add extra hold to the strokes you create. Some of the brushes have fine detail to create unique effects.

The Best Procreate Brush Collection: Want to complete your professional look with the best procreate brush collection? Here it is! The Best Procreate Brush Sets includes sixty-four brushes including an assortment of inking brushes. Some of them include textured brushes and textured metals.

The iPad version of Procreate gives the professional an even greater selection of textures, skins and brushes to enhance the professional look. With an iPad, professionals can take their work to the next level. Procreate offers a larger version of the brushes in the deluxe set. This provides for more options and versatility when it comes to styling professional looking photographs on the iPad. Plus, with the Procreate app, users have access to hundreds of special tools and features that make creating stunning images even easier.

The Best inks, Paint Sprays and Dyes: Get the ultimate ink experience with procreate brush packs and paint supplies. The brushes in the procreate brush pack are crafted with an aluminum and brass material to provide for a long-lasting paint and oil-lasting spray. Some of the brushes in the gouache palette have an antique finish to replicate older models while providing advanced texture capabilities.

The Best Dyes and Stylists: Procreate offers an array of high quality professional looking graphic dyes and stylists. The dye kits, sponge rollers and stampers in the procreate kit are designed to meet the needs of any professional artist. Plus, a great selection of paint colors and texture brushes make it easy to create a wide range of textures. In addition to all the brushes in the kit, users also get an iSCALE WET Weight Digital Pressure Gauge to use with the paint and fluid medium.

Chalk Dust Brush Kit: Adding chalk dust to any design is quick and easy. The chalk dust brush kit is perfect for creating detailed, colorful artwork and images. The chalk dust brush kit has over 40 different brushes to choose from including a wide variety of angles for creating unique effects. Plus, users also get a digital canvas to print their images directly onto. Chalk art has never been more realistic or vibrant than it is in the chalk dust brush kit.


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