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Instantly become a better digital artist with our 3 brushes pack for Procreate App (version 5 and higher on Ipad pro)

  • 34+ brushes, and 40 guides for lettering and illustration
  •  Created by artists for artists using Procreate app
  • 3 differents packs to cover all your needs (as a beginner or a pro)

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A variety of digital tools that you ever imagined to level up your digital art

With our Ultimate Lettering Bundle you will instantly get more than 70 tools to help you create stunning digital art on Procreate App. At Undergloves we do things seriously, you will get 30 grids + 10 guides lines to enchance lettering, but also 20+ 3D creamy lettering, and last but not least 14 brushes to simulate high-quality special effect lights in anime and manga made for Mangakas, illustrators, and designers.

As artists, we creates brushes that we really uses in our daily life

Tired of complicated brushes and useless in real life situations ? At Undergloves our goal is to help artists shine with their art. That’s why every brushes have been made to fit real life situations. With our brushes you could manage and personnalize both outlines and colours for bright and modern results. Whether it is for professional or personal projects, creating beautiful designs will become a breeze!

From Lettering guide, to 3D lettering, to lighting effects worthy of the best manga

Need several brushes for differents styles of digital art ? We got your back! we have gathered in 1 pack our 3 best brushes and guides to cover all your need! You want to create amazing hand Lettering designs? The lettering guide and our 3D Creamy letteting pack are for you. More of an illustration guy ? Our Manga lights brushs will definitly be your best kept secret.

How to start level up your skills our brushes in less than 2 min ?

1. Download

2. Double click on the pack in your Ipad Folder

3. Done

Your amazing new secret weapons are installed in procreate, you can reach them easily in the brushes area.

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