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Procreate Brush Packs – Why You Shouldn’t Replace Your Baking Pans With Procreate Brushes

If you’re a newbie at any of the graphics-intensive hobbies like 3D animation, digital painting or motion graphics, chances are that you’ll soon be needing brushes. However, where do you go to find the best brushes for your needs? The standard brush sets found at your local arts and crafts store may not cut it for your specific purposes. Can you imagine using the same set of brushes for all three mediums? The ideal solution would be to invest in one of the many brushes made specifically for each medium. You’ll be sure to find just what you need to get the best possible result from your graphics creation.

For example, if you use Procreate a lot with a fine arts design then you’ll want the best procreate brushes for that medium. The Standard Brush Sets (assembled above) includes a whole range of brushes from a stiff grade synthetic bristles to soft natural bristles suited for airbrushing. The Standard Brush Sets also contains a complete palette of colors to blend with your images. It’s packed full of specialized brushes designed for various applications.

Another popular application used by Procreate users is the splash wet media brushes free edition. This easy-to-use program offers brushes that can be quickly selected and applied when you need them. This set also contains a handy palette of colors. It’s an excellent value for the money spent, and you can have as many brushes as you like thanks to the included palette. Even though this product isn’t as inexpensive as the other products, it still packs a punch with plenty of useful tools.

One more thing Procreate can do that is especially great is to allow you to preview your completed artwork before saving or printing it. You can simply open up the preview in your favorite photo viewer or gallery software, click a button, and have an almost instant reproduction of your finished work saved on your hard drive. Because the Procreate kit includes an outstanding palette of colors and textures, you can change the look of your final artwork without having to go through the hassle of modifying individual brushes. What’s more is that the palette is customizable so you can use the same color scheme for all your brushes, accessories, and artworks.

As mentioned above, Procreate has made it easy for even the most inexperienced artists to create quality art. The brushes are well-balanced, the media is smooth and silky, and the options are countless. The paint brushes are especially nice because they are made from latex, which is very durable and can stand up to the abuse a typical artist can place on them. That’s just one of the ways that Procreate proves to be an improvement over other media painting kits. Another great feature is that the media brushes actually come apart, allowing you to swap out different brushes for different effects or applications.

For a truly unique and comprehensive set of brushes, check out the Procreate line. No matter whether you need to paint in a soft, realistic manner, or you need to create abstract works with layers of color, Procreate has you covered. All the best brands include all the standard brushes plus special ones like the “Chunks” that have holes in them. These give you the ability to fill in large areas with different shades of color and create a unique look that is different from any other kit.


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