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Procreate Brings Digital Artwork To Life

When it comes to making artwork, it is all about finding the right tools for the job. Although there are many different types of paint brushes and painting mediums that artists use to create their masterpieces, there is one thing they all have in common: they allow an artist to create wonderful artwork. It is important for an artist to understand which brushes and mediums work best when applying paint thinner. This way they can avoid being distracted by the many different options out there for each type of paint application. To assist you navigate all the wonderful options available, we have compiled the best 60+ Procreate brushes for fine art illustration.


We begin our list with the soft Procreate line of acrylic inking brushes. You will find several variations of these including, Soft Procreate Intense, Flexi-Procreate Intense with a steel tip. These soft acrylic inking brushes feature an advanced blending system for maximum accuracy. These soft brush models offer a high level of detail along with a realistic look and feel. The Flexi-Procreate is the best option in this series.

For the best selection of paint brushes and a complete line of inking, consider the Procreate Plus Art Collection. This line offers a wide variety of brushes including, Soft Procreate Artist, Flexi-Procreate Intense and Flexi-Procreate Premier. In addition, there are also several other sizes from which to choose. If you are an artist who likes to have a large variety of brushes and various size and colors to select from, you will appreciate the Flexi-Procreate Premier Art Collection. This great app offers an easy-to-use interface and is compatible with all types of digital imaging software.

If you like to draw pictures with your pen, tablet or the computer, you can use the Procreate iPad illustration app to create artwork that will look amazing on the gorgeous screen of your iPad. With the Procreate iPad illustration tool, you can draw with precision, and you can do it anywhere – even on the go. If you want to give your iPad an image-intensive makeover, you can rely on the Procreate iPad drawing app.

The Procreate sketching kit is an excellent choice for the person who likes to sketch without a lot of fuss. It offers a huge range of useful items like pencils, pens, pencils and even procreate hand foam for great support. One of the best things about the Procreate sketching kit is that it includes everything that you need to get started from the start, which means that you can save money over buying supplies separately. The Procreate manga procreate brushes include custom brushes, which are perfect for creating detailed backgrounds.

When you buy the Procreate accessories, such as the procreate pen, you get additional items with the package that are useful for a wide variety of uses. You get a draw extension tap, a roller cap tap, and tap handle, and so on. These accessories are perfect for people who like to give their iPad a unique, individualized style and to increase the uniqueness of the overall style of the device. When you purchase the Procreate pen, you will also be getting a whole host of fun and creative apps, which help to increase your enjoyment of using your tablet and to give you more flexibility and convenience while drawing and painting.


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