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Procreate – Art For All Levels of Experience


Procreate – Art For All Levels of Experience

What is Procreate? For people who don’t know, Procreate is an IOS-compatible drawing app that has completely revolutionized professional digital drawing. It makes your iPad a powerful, affordable, and creative drawing tool for both artists and graphic designers. If you have always wanted to try your hand at drawing, but have never really been good at it, then you are in for a treat with this revolutionary drawing program.

What makes Procreate so great? Unlike a number of other iPad apps, Procreate allows you to download and purchase individual brushes and accessories to use in your drawings. In addition, you will receive high quality sketching pads for free with every purchase of their drawing kit, which also includes a sketch book. Sketching pads are essential when working on complex artwork, as they help make everything you draw look a lot more professional.

Along with the sketching accessories that come along with each Procreate drawing kit, you will also receive four premium color palettes to use with your pictures. What does that mean? The best Procreate brushes and color palettes really mean that you can turn any picture you want into a masterpiece or make any drawing look unique by changing its color palettes. Think about it: when you are sitting down at your desk to create a new image in Photoshop, how much time do you spend looking through the color palettes to determine what shade of blue, green, and red you want to use? Or how much time do you spend just trying to blend those colors together to make the image look the way you imagine it? With Procreate, the shade palette is already pre-set, so all you have to do is choose which color palette you want to use, and drag it over to the image to begin shading and adding texture.

You will also find that Procreate has four different types of ink pens in addition to the regular pens found inside of most packages. The four different kinds of ink pens include: an oil paint pen, a gel pen, a pencil, and a highlighter pen. These are all great tools for creating professional looking art, and they can all be found in the Procreate retro kits. In fact, the only thing that may limit your creativity with this software is the selection of which type of ink pens you purchase.

A Procreate retro kit will not only include basic software for working with Procreate, but it will also come with four complete sets of texture brushes. These brushes will give you the ability to paint in three dimensional details, including both light and dark shadows. This is a tremendous tool for creating realistic art that looks incredible when drawn out on paper. Some of the texture brushes included in the procreate kit include: an oval shaped brush, a curved brush, a heart-shaped brush, and even a banana shaped brush. There are many other types of textures available as well.

Some of the other things that are included inside of the procreate brush packs are: two paints for mixing paints, a bottle of paint, some clear scourers, and a palette knife. The paints and brushes that are included inside of the package are perfect for beginners who want to get started with using the program, but there are also procreate kits that contain an assortment of templates so that beginners can get started right away. No matter what level of experience you currently have with computer graphics, there is nothing that can compare to the realism and amazing detail that are possible when using a pro create software program.


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